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Articles with the Tag: Montana Reserved Water Rights Compact Commission

Lake letter hypocritical

Editor, Susan Lake, how can you say you are “concerned about the emerging rift within your community” when you are backing the very water compact that will take away your neighbors’ water to irrigate their land? How about the fact that stockgrowers will lose the right to stock water? And...

Compact secures water rights

Editor, Hopefully, the state legislature will approve the water rights compact agreement this session. I also hope that farmers and ranchers will support the related water use agreement. I raise hay on a 240-acre farm that is dependent on irrigation water. I publicly opposed the May 2012 version of the WU...

Compact negotiators should be fired

Editor, In spite of the district court ruling by Judge C.B. McNeil that the Flathead Joint Board of Control does not have the authority to enter into any agreement that circumvents the rights of private ownership of lands in the Flathead Irrigation District, or that the board owns or controls any portion ...

Tribes grateful for support of water compact

Editor, On Feb. 26, the Reserved Water Rights Compact Commission voted 8-1 to forward the completed water rights compact to the state legislature. The Council of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes wants to thank everyone who came forward in support of the compact. During the Helena meeting, numer...

Water negotiations have been weighed carefully

My service as a member of the Montana Reserved Water Right Compact Commission and an elected representative from Lake County was called into question by the Concerned Citizens of Western Montana. I would like to remind Ms. Backs and those she is fronting for that personal attacks and defamation of someone&rs...

Water rights compact moves to legislature Water rights compact moves to legislature

The week of Feb. 25 to March 1 was a busy one for the water rights compact on the Flathead Reservation. First, on Feb. 26, the nine-member Montana Reserved Water Rights Compact Commission approved the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes/Montana water compact and sent it on its way to the Montana State Le...

Water rights compact forwarded to legislature

HELENA — Whether or not a proposed water compact for the Flathead Reservation will be finalized is now up to the state legislature following a Tuesday night meeting of the Montana Reserved Water Rights Compact Commission at the state capitol. The nine-member water commission approved the compact,...

Valley a hotbed of interest in water compact Valley a hotbed of interest in water compact

The water rights compact proposed and negotiated by the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes, the United States and the State of Montana affects every person in Lake County, as well as those in several surrounding counties.  Since the compact is such a once-in-a-lifetime event, everyone has an opi...

Water compact facts should put fears to rest

Misinformation circulating regarding the water compact negotiations on the Flathead Indian Reservation requires an informed response.  Let’s start with some basic facts. The State of Montana, through the Reserved Water Rights Compact Commission, has for several years been conducting monthly water ...

What happens if we litigate?

There are a lot of pretty egregious claims being made about why irrigators should litigate, but there has been very little discussion about the risks of such litigation. Some people are even trying to promote the idea that adjudication somehow is different than litigation. Others are promoting the idea that ...

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