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Just say ‘no’ to water compact

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It would be nice if those who wish to criticize, or marginalize, Michael Gale would stay on point – just once. The issue is an illegal, unconstitutionally negotiated proposed water compact agreement for general stream adjudication regarding the Flathead Indian Reservation’s federally reserved water rights per the 1908 Winters Doctrine.

If you can’t figure out, by now, who I’m “blaming” (currently, the most over-used word in the English language in the media), then you haven’t been paying attention. I’ll try to make it really simple for you all: just say no to the currently proposed water compact. It’s a disaster and a complete failure — nobody wins.

If you’re from the tribe, then tell your tribal leaders and negotiators “No, I don’t find this to be a win-win settlement and it will only continue to drive a wider chasm between the peoples of this valley.”  If you’re non-tribal, then tell your city commissioners and county commissioners and state legislators, “No, I don’t accept this illegal and unconstitutional proposed compact as an acceptable conclusion or workable solution to the required settlement of water rights on and around the Flathead Indian Reservation.”

Can I be any more clear? This is not an example of fair and equitable settlement per our laws for adjudicating water rights within the external boundaries of our state. Do it by the law, and we’ll have no problem; make up the rules as you go and we’ll have a huge problem; pretty simple.

Read the treaty; read the Winters Doctrine; read the proposed compact; read the proposed CSKT/FIIP water agreement; talk to people who have read them; attend all the meetings that have taken place and are taking place in this valley; ask questions; use the brain you were blessed with at birth; and it won’t take “rocket science” to understand that this dog-and-pony show has been a complete waste of more than 10 years, taxpayer money and tribal money. The only method these commissions have to force this disaster upon us is the hollow threat of litigation. C’mon, man.

Michael Gale



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