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Bogner promises to protect MT values, morals

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During my second tour to Iraq as a U.S. Marine, my unit was tasked to help secure the Syrian border. We had received intel that Iran was sending weapons into Syria to smuggle across the border for use against American troops. At the same time, refugees from all over the country were flooding the border to escape the war. We successfully accomplished the mission of securing the border that deployment. It is an absolute shame the Biden administration will not do the same and is allowing an unsecure southern border in our very own country. 

As my military service was coming to an end, my younger brother joined. He was wounded a few years later in Afghanistan when an IED was detonated only a few feet from him. He spent days in a German hospital not expected to make it. With a lot of prayer my brother survived. I have friends I served with who were not as lucky, and never came home. For us to then watch Joe Biden botch the withdrawal from Afghanistan was disgusting. 

There must be accountability for these failures. As a United States Marine this is my mission and I have declared my candidacy for U.S. Congress in Montana’s Eastern District. 

I am a proud Republican, and I am the only candidate that has both military service as well as experience in the legislature. I am currently the state senator for Southeast Montana. This is my strength, going on the offensive to pass bills that protect America and our freedoms. I passed the only law to prohibit foreign adversaries, like China, from buying land in Montana. A very important bill that we are still waiting on Congress for. I have gotten this done in Montana and I will get it done in D.C. 

Our country is also being invaded at our southern border. President Trump’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director Tom Homan, responsible for border enforcement and removal operations under Trump, has endorsed me as the candidate to secure the border.  

I’m not running for Congress as a retirement plan, we do not have time for that. The future of Montana is personal to me as this is my home; my family has worked the land here for over one hundred years. Montanans deserve a Representative that understands what it means to be a Montanan and will fight back against those coming into the state to take advantage of what we have built here. We need a Representative that will carry the torch for the next generation to protect our values and morals we’ve worked so hard to instill. 

Ken Bogner, candidate for U.S. Congress

Ken Bogner currently serves as the President Pro Tempore of the Montana Senate and is United States Marine Corps veteran. 

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