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Articles with the Tag: Seniors

Ronan Senior Center for April 26, 2023

RONAN — Mission Valley Senior Center, (across from St. Luke’s Hospital), is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday for lunch and other activities. Our menu is: —  Wednesday, April 19: lasagna, salad, dessert —  Friday, April 21: fried chicken, salad, dessert — &...

Polson seniors for April 26, 2023

POLSON — May Day was originally a Pagan celebration of the start of the flowering season; demonstrated by dancing, play and pleasure. I recall my mother’s Irish/Scandinavian tradition of children leaving a basket of fresh flowers on the porches of strangers, then knocking on the door and gleefull...

St. Ignatius seniors for April 26, 2023

ST. IGNATIUS — Please be careful when burning yard waste, papers, and fields.  As many of you know a family recently lost their house in a Polson Fire. Our St. Ignatius Senior Center is holding a Mother’s Day Basket Raffle. Some of the items included are a $30 gift certificate to Bev&rsqu...

Polson seniors for April 19, 2023

POLSON — Well, if you haven’t filed your IRS form 1040 EZ by the time you read this, it’s not too late to file for an extension. That EZ at the end is supposed to mean “Easy,” but it never is. If you work a 40-hour work week for 52 weeks it figures out to a 2080-hour work year. ...

Arlee Seniors for April 19, 2023

ARLEE — This is what I wrote last year and it seems to apply this week, except we have freezing weather – winds, below zero, more snow and yet the sun wants to tease us with what is to come. “March winds seem to have arrived in February with all that below zero weather! But now we are lo...

St. Ignatius seniors for April 19,2023

ST. IGNATIUS — Believe it or not, we had a big brown bear in our yard last week. So, keep your bird feeders protected and your garbage put away. The St. Ignatius Senior Center Indoor Yard Sale will take place on April 28 and 29 from 10 a.m.-4. p.m. Donations are welcome. We are looking for an assist...

Arlee seniors for April 12, 2023

ARLEE — Happy April 2023. It seems spring is coming but keeps getting interrupted with snow flurries and some snow that remain on the ground. But for the most part, we have a beautiful blue sky with fluffy clouds, brilliant stars at night and a new moon coming. How blessed we are to live where we can s...

Polson seniors for April 12, 2023

POLSON — Local folks know that we have twelve seasons. April is called “Fake Spring.” It snows in April. It is cold. It is not truly spring until winter ends on May 3. Then spring starts, or as we say, the season of road construction. It lasts until whenever the money runs out. No matter wh...

Ronan seniors for April 12, 2023

RONAN — The Mission Valley Senior Center is located across from St. Luke’s Hospital. We are open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for lunch and other activities. Our menu is the following: —  April 12: turkey, noodles, salad, dessert —  April 14: fried fish dinner, s...

Polson seniors for April 5, 2023

POLSON — The April full moon is above us now. The natives of New England called it the Pink Moon, because that was the time of year when a variety of creeping phlox bloomed with pink flowers in April. Do not be fooled. It still looks yellow, like cheese.   We recently offered a turkey dinner on...

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