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Polson skatepark expands, funds needed

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Area skateboarders are looking forward to having more concrete to “board” and rails to “shred” with the expansion to the 7th Avenue Skatepark in Polson. Parks and Recreation Director Karen Sargeant and Head of Polson Skatepark Jesse Vargas are leading the extension to the skatepark and are currently in the fundraising stage.

“Most of the money will come from grants and community donations,” Sargeant said. “We didn’t fund the initial skatepark with taxpayer dollars and won’t be doing that for the expansion.”

Vargas added that area skaters will help by selling merchandise to raise the $222,000 needed for the expansion.

“We will be having raffles and selling T-shirts and other products to raise money,” he said.

In 2006, Vargas, along with Dreamland Skateparks, LLC created the layout and built the first skate facility in Polson. They are currently working together on the blueprints for the new development.

“At the moment we are writing up a contract and going over what additions we will need to make it a progressive skate facility for Polson,” Vargas said.

The expansion will include pyramids, rails, boxes, and steps according to Vargas. Sargeant said she believes that these additions will give beginners the right tools they need to improve.

 “This expansion is going to have more street course obstacles that allows beginner skaters to practice their skills before going to the next level like the drop-ins that are already at the skatepark,” Sargeant said.

Vargas agreed that the skatepark needs to challenge all skill levels.

“The concept of the expansion is that there is a vast variety and certain features that gives kids of all levels the opportunity to get better,” Vargas said.

Polson skateboarder Charles Timson started practicing his skills when the skatepark was originally built. He and his friends are patiently waiting to have more room to practice.

“I have been skating for six years now and I started at the Polson skatepark,” Timson said. “We are really excited to have more area to skate with the new expansion. “

The 7th Avenue Skatepark in Polson is a multi-user facility where kids can ride skateboards, bikes, in-line skates, and even scooters, according to Sargeant. She believes it is a great addition to the community. 

“The skatepark has brought people from all over,” Sargeant said. “This new facility will continue to bring new skaters and their families to Polson.”

Vargas and Sargeant are hoping to have the money raised and design finalized by autumn of 2016. Community members can donate money to the Polson City Skatepark account or call 503-577-9277 for more information.


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