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Sportspage Bowling results for the week of Oct. 11

High Scratch Game: Steve Matt 247

High Handicap Game: Darrol Denny 280

High Scratch Series: Steve Samsel 663

High Handicap Series: Darrol Denny 763


Mixed Men

High Scratch Game: Todd Vandeberg 221

High Handicap Game: Todd Vandeberg 272

High Scratch Series: Todd Vandeberg 559

High Handicap Series: Gary Peterson 726


High Scratch Game: Cris Alter 211

High Handicap Game: Jo Durand 256

High Scratch Series: Stacie Pretty On Top 536

High Handicap Series: Marcia Vandeberg 692

Thursday Trio


High Scratch Game: Ross Woods 245

High Handicap Game: Ross Woods 264

High Scratch Series: Ross Woods 602

High Handicap Series: Gary Peterson 685

Women High Scratch Game: Billie Jo Rinke 207

High Handicap Game: Wanda Roat 231

High Scratch Series: Billie Jo Rinke 529

High Handicap Series: Diana Buchman 649

Friday Mixed Men

High Scratch Game: Keith Paul 254

High Handicap Game: Lloyd Irvine 285

High Scratch Series: Lloyd Irvine 691

High Handicap Series: Lloyd Irvine 808


High Scratch Game: Shawna Simons 234

High Handicap Game: Shawna Simons 300

High Scratch Series: Shawna Simons 507

High Handicap Series: Shawna Simons 705

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