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Valley’s best shine in all-star game

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Valley rivalries were put aside as conference friends and foes gathered Thursday evening for the 22nd annual Mission Valley All-Star Classic at the Joe McDonald Health and Fitness Center on the Salish Kootenai College campus.

The all-star event matches up some of the best basketball talent from the valley’s high schools. This year Team A (light-colored jerseys) and Team B (dark-colored jerseys) were made up of talent who had played in this year’s state title games as well as several others who led their teams far into the playoffs.

The girls were the first to take the court. Team B took a 36-34 advantage in an evenly matched first half. Arlee Scarlets Alyssia Vanderburg scored an event-high 31 points to led Team B in the 68-63 victory over Team A and earn the Most Valuable Player award.

“It was fun and I enjoyed it,” Vanderburg said. Vanderburg also commented “it was really cool” to be able to hang out with players she had competed against all season long.

Ronan Chiefs’ and girls’ Team A coach Mitchell Wassam enjoyed the game as well.

“It was an absolute blast being able to coach in the all-star game,” he said. “Being able to get to know and watch some of the top players in the Mission Valley who I was unable to see during the season was fun.”

In the high-scoring boys’ game, Team B led 55-45 at the half, but Team A chipped away at the deficit and took a 103-102 lead with 2 minutes remaining. Team B quickly regained the lead and never relinquished on its way to a 110- 106 victory.

Hot Springs’ Trevor Paro led Team B with 24 points and Pirates’ Tanner Wilson led Team A with 23 points.

Arlee’s Alex Moran scored seven 3-pointers to finish with 21 points and win Team A’s MVP award.

“It was a blast to play with these guys,” Moran said.


Team B 110, Team A 106

Team B – Greg Whitesell 11, Trevor Paro 24, Alec Cole 9, Zane Hafliger 3, Brendan McDonald 4, Will Mesteth 12, Jeremiah North Piegan 16, Logan Gilliard 5, Kobe Morigeau 16, Beau Santisteven 10

Team A – Tyson Petticrew 8, Alex Moran 21, Ryan Ovitt 7, Landers Smith 5, Issaiah Mathias 4, Aaren Vonheeder 4, Matthew Rensvold 14, Tanner Wilson 23, Logan Taylor 12, Jackson Duffy 8.


Team B 68, Team A 63

Team B – Lauren Lefthand 9, Alyssia Vanderburg 31, Jessica Thompson 6, Jamie Berg 16, Karolyna Buck 4, Nalani Linsebigler 2.

Team A– Mollie Fisher 6, Carly Hergett 8, Bryndle Goyins 6, Lindsay Laws 12, Shae Anderson 14, Abby Ellison 7, Karly Lawson 6, Afton Brander 4.

Mission Mountain All-Star Classic rosters:


Team A (light-colored jerseys)

Tyson Petticrew - Charlo

Alex Moran – Arlee

Ryan Ovitt – Plains

Landers Smith – Charlo

Issaiah Mathias – Two Eagle River

Aaren Vonheeder - Plains

Matthew Rensvold - Polson

Tanner Wilson – Polson

Logan Taylor – Bigfork

Jackson Duffy – Ronan

Tyler Tanner – Arlee

Isaac Alexander – Mission

Elijah Cahoon – Mission

Team B (dark-colored jerseys)

Greg Whitesell – Arlee

Trevor Paro - Hot Springs

Alec Cole – Plains

Zane Hafliger – Charlo

Brendan McDonald – Two Eagle River

Will Mesteth – Arlee

Jeremiah North Piegan – Polson

Logan Gilliard – Bigfork

Kobe Morigeau – Ronan

Beau Santisteven – Bigfork

Philip Malatare – Arlee

Kasey Mock – Ronan

Blaine Carr -Hot Springs


Team A (light-colored jerseys)

Lee Camel - Ronan

Mollie Fisher – Polson

Carly Hergett – Arlee

Bryndle Goyins -Arlee

Lindsay Laws – Plains

Shae Anderson – Bigfork

Abby Ellison – Bigfork

Karly Lawson – Hot Springs

Afton Brander – Mission

Kaelyn Smith – Polson

Cheyenne Nagy – Charlo

Ashley Shenyer – Charlo

Team B (dark-colored jerseys)

Lauren Lefthand – Polson

Alyssia Vanderburg – Arlee

Jessica Thompson – Plains

Jamie Berg – Bigfork

Karolyna Buck – Mission

Nalani Linsebigler – Mission

Alicia camel – Ronan

Micalann McCrea – Ronan

Kenzie Couture – Charlo

Esperanza Orozco – Two Eagle River

Stacy Grey – Hot Springs

Emilee Park – Bigfork

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