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Sane citizens need to vote

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For their taxes, Swedes enjoy universal healthcare, free tuition and paid parental leave. For ours, we have civilian body counts in the Middle East and handouts to the wealthy via tax breaks, corporate welfare being a more honest application of Margaret Thatcher’s “other people’s money” theory. For our healthcare premiums, we enjoy a system of co-pays, deductibles, non-medical corporate salaries, obscene profits off the ill and the injured, 45,000 deaths annually due to no coverage, and collection agencies. Swedes have an elected government. If they preferred our system, they could abandon theirs. But they haven’t, and they won’t.

George Soros was 14 when WWII ended, and he didn’t collaborate with Nazis, a lie debunked by fact-checkers, its origins in the wacko netherworlds of Alex Jones and Roseanne Barr explained on Google. Decades of Fox News propaganda paid for by the privileged have created a class of citizen that votes for whoever can panic them the best with buzzwords they don’t understand: Socialists, sanctuary cities, Alinsky, ebola. Home of the brave indeed. The culmination is insanity and hypocrisy, and a President as uneducated and contradictory. The result is the party of “family values” supports a leader who boasts of sexual assault, who avoided service with daddy’s money, called avoiding STDs his “personal Vietnam” and mocked John McCain for being captured in the actual war. The consequence is an evangelical savior who cheated on his wife with a porn star and has broken the 9th Commandment 5,000 documented times his first 20 months in office. Sane citizens need to vote come November.

Lance Hames


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