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Sportspage bowling results for the week of Nov. 6-9

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Tuesdsay Fun Seekers “No Tap”

High Team Game:Four Pointers896

High Team Series:Four Pointers2559


High Game Scratch:Tim Basta        265

High Game Handicap:Tim Basta        286

High Series Scratch:Tim Basta        700

High Series Handicap: Tim Basta        763


High Game Scratch:Cris Alter        220

High Game Handicap:Claudia Barry272

High Series Scratch:Cris Alter        569

High Series Handicap: Claudia Barry714

Tuesday Night Moonlighters

High Team Game:Brown’s Jewelry        1006

High Team Series:Brown’s Jewelry        2766

High Game Scratch:Nick Dellwo267

High Game Handicap:Nick Dellwo295

High Series Scratch:Ross Woods726

High Series Handicap:Ross Woods792

Wednesday Night Mixed

High Team Game: Red 40       1024

High Team Series:Red 40       2853


High Game Scratch:DJ PrettyOnTop        233

High Game Handicap:Dave Basta274

High Series Scratch:Ross Woods615

High Series Handicap:Howdy Vassar713


High Game Scratch:Stacie PrettyOnTop215

High Game Handicap:Stacie PrettyOnTop262

High Series Scratch:Stacie PrettyOnTop608

High Series Handicap: Bev Michel765


Thursday Night Trio

High Team Game: Split Lickers745

High Team Series:House Bowlton        2113


High Game Scratch:Ross Woods231

High Game Handicap:Gary Peterson286

High Series Scratch:Ross Woods672

High Series Handicap:Jarod Culley729


High Game Scratch:Lindsey Rogers        212

High Game Handicap:Lindsey Rogers        273

High Series Scratch:Lindsey Rogers        542

High Series Handicap:Mel Sneed        728


Friday Night Mixed

High Team Game: Gutter Done910

High Team Series:Gutter Done2693


High Game Scratch:Jeff Andrews226

High Game Handicap:Steve Pittenger        249

High Series Scratch:Jeff Andrews602

High Series Handicap:Jeremy Seifert668


High Game Scratch:Lindsey Rogers        180

High Game Handicap:Mel Sneed        259

High Series Scratch:Steph Brown484

High Series Handicap: Mel Sneed748

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