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Sportspage bowling results for the week of Dec. 2-8

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Tuesday Fun Seekers “No Tap”

High Team Game:Goof Balls      977

High Team Series:Goof Balls      2790


High Game Scratch:Dave Basta243

High Game Handicap:Dave Basta269

High Series Scratch:Dave Basta633

High Series Handicap:Dave Basta717


High Game Scratch:Cris Alter        255

High Game Handicap:Fran Basta        296

High Series Scratch:Cris Alter        716

High Series Handicap:S. Sansokne730

Tuesday Night Moonlighters

High Team Game:Brown’s Jewelry1006

High Team Series:Les Schwab2698

High Game Scratch:Jeff Nelson287

High Game Handicap:Jeff Nelson314

High Series Scratch:Jeff Nelson704

High Series Handicap:Jeff Nelson       785

Wednesday Night Mixed

High Team Game:      BLTNever        949

High Team Series:     Vassars & Roses2663


High Game Scratch:Todd Vandeberg226

High Game Handicap:Todd Vandeberg272

High Series Scratch:Darrol Denny587

High Series Handicap:Todd Vandeberg691


High Game Scratch:Cris Alter       224

High Game Handicap:Cris Alter       261

High Series Scratch:Cris Alter       618

High Series Handicap:Cris Alter       729

Thursday Night Trio

High Team Game:      House Bowlton738

High Team Series:House Bowlton2123


High Game Scratch:Darrel Rogers237

High Game Handicap:Matt Graves269

High Series Scratch:Matt Graves627

High Series Handicap:Matt Graves759


High Game Scratch:Vickie Erickson184

High Game Handicap:Vickie Erickson273

High Series Scratch:Wanda Roat465

High Series Handicap:Vickie Erickson706

Friday Night Mixed

High Team Game: Spare No One963

High Team Series:Team 22726    

High Game Scratch:Pat Dellwo        247

High Game Handicap:Grant Upton290

High Series Scratch:Ross Woods632

High Series Handicap:Greg Linse       717


High Game Scratch:Lisa Bagaoisan205

High Game Handicap:Lisa Bagaoisan277

High Series Scratch:Lisa Bagaoisan520

High Series Handicap:Lisa Bagaoisan736

Monday Lakers Youth League

High Team Game:The Kids486

High Team Series:The Kids956


High Game Scratch:P. Hendrickson    122


High Game Scratch:Haislea104

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