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Lucky Strike bowling results for the week of Feb. 3-23

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High Team Game: Lucky Strike Lanes1176

High Team Series:Jocko Lanes        3374

High Game Scratch:Will Rogers        279

High Game Handicap:Doug Mays        291

High Series Scratch:Will Rogers        669

High Series Handicap:Alex Moran        765

Tuesday Twisters

High Team Game:MV Security       836

High Team Series:MV Security       2380

High Game Scratch:Regina Pablo       186

High Handicap Game:Christi Stephens        229

High Series Scratch:Regina Pablo        517

High Series Handicap:Donata Healy        630


High Team Game:     MM Motors                969

High Team Series:Turpin’s                2761

High Game Scratch:Bryan Dupuis        279

High Game Handicap:Bryan Dupuis        293

High Series Scratch:Bryan Dupuis        707

High Series Handicap:Bill Webster        762

Wednesday Lucky Ladies

High Team Game:2nd Chance Saloon876

High Team Game:2nd Chance Saloon2527

High Game Scratch:Johnie Underwood247

High Game Handicap:Megan Jennison        261

High Series Scratch:Johnie Underwood632

High Series Handicap:Donata Healy        683

Lady Strikers

High Team Game:Lucky Strike Lanes898

High Team Series:Lucky Strike Lanes2607

High Game Scratch:Lisa Corbett        247

High Game Handicap:Chris Davis        259

High Series Scratch:Megan Jennison        655

High Series Handicap:Megan Jennison        703

Friday Night Mixed          No bowling



High Team Game: Wounded Warriors1193

 High Team Series:Lucky Strike Lanes3463

High Game Scratch:Pat Dellwo                279

High Game Handicap:Pat Dellwo                295

High Series Scratch:Sackett Jennison693

High Series Handicap:Fred Webster        756

Tuesday Twisters

High Team Game:Number Ones        811

High Team Series:Spare Parts       2378

High Game Scratch:Kristen Nelson       183

High Handicap Game:Dot Bohrer        228

High Series Scratch:Kristen Nelson       526

High Series Handicap:Kristen Nelson       634


High Team Game: S&S Sports               973

High Team Series: S&S Sports               2836

High Game Scratch:Jake Starkel               256

High Game Handicap:Don Cisney       286

High Series Scratch:Jake Starkel       724

High Series Handicap:Jake Starkel       787

Wednesday Lucky Ladies

High Team Game: 2nd Chance Saloon       887

High Team Game:2nd Chance Saloon       2484

High Game Scratch: Megan Jennison       237

High Game Handicap:Megan Jennison       254

High Series Scratch:Megan Jennison       677

High Series Handicap:Megan Jennison       731

Lady Strikers

High Team Game:Treasure State Concrete862

High Team Series:Treasure State Concrete2469

High Game Scratch:Pam Wilson                203

High Game Handicap:Donata Healy        237

High Series Scratch: Zayna Irish                540

High Series Handicap:Donata Healy        665

Friday Night Mixed

High Team Game:Lucky Strikers               1001

High Team Series:Lucky Strikers               2894


High Game Scratch: Dan Cowan       263

High Game Handicap:Dan Cowan       288

High Series Scratch:Dan Cowan       699

High Series Handicap:Dan Cowan       774


High Game Scratch:Tasha Sinclair       245

High Game Handicap:Tasha Sinclair       284

High Series Scratch:Tasha Sinclair       628

High Series Handicap:Tasha Sinclair       745


High Team Game: Wounded Warriors 1141

High Team Series: The Munson’s         3334

High Game Scratch: Scott Moderie         234

                Justin McElderry 234

High Game Handicap:Sam Peel         293 

High Series Scratch: Randy Wieder         626 

High Series Handicap:Sam Peel        753 

Tuesday Twisters

High Team Game: Ronan Telephone 855 

High Team Series: Lucky Strike Lanes 2393 

High Game Scratch: Kristen Nelson         210 

High Handicap Game: Mel Krantz 258

High Series Scratch: Kristen Nelson         513

High Series Handicap: Mel Krantz 625


High Team Game: King Pins        1006 

High Team Series:MM Motors                2834 

High Game Scratch: Shawn Barber        279 

High Game Handicap:Shawn Barber        298 

High Series Scratch: Shawn Barber        704 

High Series Handicap:Dan Cowan        771 

Wednesday Lucky Ladies

High Team Game: Lucky Strike Lanes 847 

High Team Game: Dolls with Balls         2495 

High Game Scratch: Johnie Underwood232 

High Game Handicap: Kelly Morgieau         245

                                Jonell Wieder 245 

High Series Scratch: Johnie Underwood 593 

High Series Handicap: Jenni Fangsrud         661 

Lady Strikers

High Team Game: Subway-Polson         861 

High Team Series: Subway-Polson          2504 

High Game Scratch: Zayna Irish  237

High Game Handicap:Niki McDonald          271

High Series Scratch: Megan Jennison  606 

High Series Handicap:Niki McDonald          708 

Friday Night Mixed

High Team Game:   Tickle the Split         1009 

High Team Series:   Splits and Giggles 2770 


High Game Scratch: Jesse Corbett         258 

High Game Handicap: Jesse Corbett         270 

High Series Scratch: Jesse Corbett         714 

High Series Handicap: Bryan Dupuis 751 


High Game Scratch: Zayna Irish 234

High Game Handicap: Zayna Irish 282 

High Series Scratch: Zayna Irish 614 

High Series Handicap:Zayna Irish 758


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