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Orphaned grizzly bear cubs roaming Charlo area

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News from CSKT

FLATHEAD INDIAN RESERVATION – The Tribal Wildlife Management Program is seeking information from the public that can help them pinpoint the movement of the two orphaned yearling grizzly bear cubs roaming the Charlo area.

Sadly, these two male grizzly bear cubs have been actively looking for food within the Mission Valley on their own since February. In late September of 2018, their mother was illegally shot and killed. This case is currently under active investigation.

Unfortunately, this means that they are not learning how to co-exist among people in the Mission Valley from their mother. They have been spotted during the daytime within multiple cowherds, making livestock producers uneasy with new calves on the ground. The Tribal Wildlife Management Program has not received any reports that they have injured or killed cattle. However, according to wildlife biologist Stacy Courville, they have killed six sheep and injured three more.          

The CSKT Wildlife Management Program has had a trap set, hoping to capture these cubs, and this area is currently posted to notify the public of known grizzly bear activity. We ask the public to respect the request of the CSKT Wildlife Management Program to stay clear of this area.  Because these cubs appear to be habituated, they will be trapped and removed.        

CSKT game wardens remind the public that it is illegal and a violation of federal law to haze or shoot a grizzly bear to protect your livestock. Grizzly bears are currently listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act.  

   If you observe these grizzly bear cubs, please report your observation as soon as possible to Tribal Dispatch at 406-675-4700. When calling regarding a bear, always tell Tribal Dispatch you are calling about a bear problem or conflict. Thank you for your cooperation. 


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