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Lake County election officials report early results

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LAKE COUNTY – The unofficial results for the mail-in 2019 District Election are waiting to be canvased. 

In the Arlee School District, voters were asked to vote for two candidates for the school board for three-year terms. Kris Gardner has 194 votes; Brian BigSam has 175 votes, and Crista Couture has 136. Voters were also asked to vote for one more position in the Arlee district for a two-year term, and Lindsey O’Neill was the only candidate. She has 296 votes.

In the Charlo School District, voters chose two candidates for three-year terms. Adrian Roylance has 218 votes; Stephanie S. Smith has 202; Terrance R Rosenbaum has 177; and David Jake Wadsworth has 136. Another position was open on Charlo board for a two-year term. Tracy Olsen has 239 votes, and Dion Carey has 157 votes.

In the St. Ignatius School District, one three-year term is open with Stan Delaney receiving 364 votes, and Cheyenne McClure has 217 votes. 

In the North Lake County Library District for two positions, Clint O Hoxie has 742 votes; Holly Wurl has 685; Virginia DuBrucq has 648; Carlene Engstrom has 615; and Leslie-Ann Martin has 444.

The Ronan Rural Fire District has one three-year term open with Byron Samuel Cates receiving 377 votes, and Kevin Templer getting 346 votes. 

The Polson Rural Fire District Levy was on the ballot, and 925 voters were for it and 279 were against it. Voters were asked to decide if a new levy should replace the expiring one. The total levy amount is for approximately $68,500 per year. The money will be used for fire protection facilities, including real property, brush trucks, command car, engine for main structure fires, water tenders and pumper trucks; emergency response apparatus, including equipment for cold water and ice rescue. 

According to election documents, the levy is limited to seven years with a maximum of five mills. “If approved, the fiscal impact is estimated at $6.75 per year on a home with a market value of $100,000; $13.50 per year on a home with a market value of $200,000.”





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