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Kendric J. Hale and Brooke E. Hanson

Ryan Z. Stunden and Melian E. Humble

Grant L. Mitchell and Gabrielle L. Mitchell

Mark S. Douma and Kathleen M. Douma (Collins restored)

Robert Lohf and Theresda M. Lohf (Corocoran restored)

Daniel M. Clairmont and Barbara A. Clairmont

Micheal A. Bartel and Whitey C. Bartel (Cote restored)

Robert S. Kenning and Leigh A. Kenning



Brooke P. Bonner and Jason David Chan

Emilie Ann Angelo and Edward James Pribyl III

Tyler James Anderson and Hannah Marie Potter

Taelyr Mae Krantz and Trenton J. Abraham

Terinee Jo McCready and Brendon Allen Miller

Sisa Vuni Vukialau and Heather Rachel Taguchi

Trevor Allen Voss and Courtney Lee Summers

Zane Anthony Gleich and Hannah Michelle Shutlz

Kelly Rae Adley and Jason Matthew Teague

Courtney R. Crenshaw and Nickolaus A. Bond

Summer Rey Boykin and Jacob Lee Boykin

Trevor Jon Sorrell and Joselyn Riley Fleig

Brenna Me Hyvonen and Shane Lee Hughes

Kail Everett Mantle and Denise Ann Dodge

Ian Alexander Smith and Austin Mackenzie Sauve


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