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FWP hosts virtual bear safety training

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News from FWP

HELENA — Human-bear conflicts increase in fall as bears gorge in preparation for hibernation and people take to the woods for archery and rifle hunting seasons. FWP will host two virtual bear safety training events, followed by two bear spray give-away opportunities in Bozeman and Helena.

The virtual bear safety events are focused on bear awareness for hunters and will cover bear safety, biology, conflict prevention, responding to bear encounters, handling carcasses in bear country, and how to use bear spray. The two events will be held Oct. 24 from 6-7:30 p.m. Virtual presentations are free and open to anyone. Each event will cover the same material.

To attend the virtual training on Oct. 24, go to:

If you are interested in learning more about hunting safely in grizzly bear country and can’t  make it to one of these events, you can watch a recording of the “Bear Safety for Hunters” presentation at:

To guard against surprise encounters and remain vigilant and safe in bear country:  

—  Carry bear spray in an easily accessible location and be prepared to use it. 

—  Look for bear sign and be cautious around creeks and areas with limited visibility.  

—  Hunt with a group of people. Making localized noise can alert bears to your presence.  

—  Be aware that elk calls and cover scents can attract bears.  

—  Bring the equipment and people needed to help field dress game and remove the meat from the kill site as soon as possible. 

—  If you need to leave part of the meat in the field during processing, hang it at least 10 feet off the ground and at least 150 yards from the gut pile. Leave it where it can be observed from a distance of at least 200 yards.  

—  Upon your return, observe the meat with binoculars. If it has been disturbed or if a bear is in the area, leave and call FWP.  

For more information and resources on bear safety, visit:

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