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Last week’s legislative updates by Mr. Hertz were a little short on information. Lots of bluster implying that the Dems will eat your children and are the spawn of the devil of course, and of course very little about how the legislature is trying to get you to curtail abortion rights in November, a right long held in our constitution.

All of this is normal for our politics and each party has their diehards who selectively listen, knowing truth and reality are only spoken by their party leaders. Everything else is either fake news or unjustified investigations into the misdeeds of their last group of leaders. Their efforts toward taking control of what books are in a library are another example of using an elected/appointed position to limit information to what one believes, not to the idea of expanding one’s growth through ideas, thoughts, and unseen horizons.

My hope for November is that there are enough independent and other party voters who have the ability to discern BS from reality and will take the time and make the effort to cast their vote in an informed manner. That seems to me the biggest weapon against the tyrannical use of power by any elected representative and a reminder they don’t work for their party, they work for the good of the populace they serve.

Rich Bell



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