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The pollsters are predicting, and the early voters are voting. The pundits proclaim that Trump’s party could do ok in the midterms because it’s always been that way. But this time is all about things no longer being the way they always were before, ever again. We are now on a new road, and I think it’s kind of dark how we got here. It has no tracks and could go in any direction. 

Like most people I just want good for Montana, like clean air and water, and a Democrat for governor, for a few, while we all recover. I grew up in Helena. Whenever the Legislature came to town, we couldn’t wait till they went home. There’s now a bill in congress to give all state legislatures final authority over elections, even over their own states’ administrative and judicial branches. Yikes, scary. 

Trump’s party lies just like he does. They should not be empowered any further. I want to feel optimistic about the future of the regular folks. I love equality, privacy, reasonableness, diversity, and feeling safe to live my life as I want to. The Montana Republicans worry me a lot because they are following Trump, as Gianforte is, “lockstep.” It reminds me again of Peace Pilgrim’s message: “Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, and hatred with love. This is the way of peace.” I will vote for kind people, cross my fingers, and never give up on love.

Debbie Jakovac



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