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Recently I had an appointment at St. Patrick Hospital in Missoula. While waiting for my ride home I had an opportunity, for one hour, to sit and observe two ladies at an information desk.  Few people actually stopped at their counter, yet during that time the two ladies were so enjoying just being together and interacting with each other. Lots of talk, smiles, some laughter, and always being attentive to business and the phones. 

This caused me to think about differences in business positions between males and females.  The female species tends to be more naturally interactive, more nurturing, emotionally sensitive, and more giving and willing to express compassion.   

Looking at our nation’s and our world’s political business, lets appoint, elect, support and rely upon more feminine presence and energy in leadership positions. We have surely tried the alternative for many hundreds of years. Perhaps, just perhaps, it is time for this change. And from what I am observing, it is beginning to noticeably happen already.

This is something to surely think about, observe and act upon, in my opinion.

Bob McClellan


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