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We humans live most interesting physical lives on this planet we call earth. It is certainly filled with a lot of chaos and confusion. This exists in our personal lives and also in our collective national and international living experiences together. We humans each have a God-given healing power within us to overcome this chaos and confusion. It manifests through our mind-choice to connect with the Holy Spirit within. 

Trust and belief in this spiritual power is all that is needed. The out-working of this power does require perception, practice, and persistence. For each of us, calling upon this healing power and receiving it will be our own personally appropriate experience. All we need is the willingness.    

It is clear that some form and practice of the healing power of God-within is not only needed but necessary. There are many, many within our world who fully agree with these thoughts. Let’s join together in expressing the Healing Power of God within each of us.  

Bob McClellan


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