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Polson v. Browning Wrestling Scores

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145 Daniel Peterson (Polson) over Jacob Burns (Browning) (Fall 1:03)

152 Tahj Wells (B) over Daniel O`Roake (P) (Fall 3:00)

160 Jack Sherry (P) over Isaac Flamand (B) (Fall 1:30)

170 Jaren Keene (P) over Sam Gordon (B) (Fall 1:43)

182 Kyrin Doty (P) over Zachariah Wells (B) (Fall 1:18)

285 Brendyn Whiteman (B) over Jason Burrough (P) (Fall 1:23)

103 Koal Wardall (P) over Unknown

113 Brandon Shumake (P) over Unknown

120 Pita Fish (B) over Gerardo Alverez (P) (Fall 0:17)

126 Double Forfeit 0 0

132 Alex Clairmont (P) over Yazmin Tatsey Mckay (B) (Fall 0:43)

138 La`Braun Shooter (B) over Matthew Chiramonte (P) (Fall 1:36)

145 Extra: Daniel Peterson (P) over River Boggs (B) (Fall 0:55)

160 Extra: Sam Gordon (B) over Sheamis Cobb (P) (Dec 11-4)

205 Extra: Landar Loring (B) over Durai Mahkuk (P) (Fall 0:25)

285 Extra: Brody Bulette (P) over James Whitcomb (B) (Fall 3:09)

138 Extra: Matthew Chiramonte (P) over Jack Monroe (B) (Fall 1:13)

Team Score: Polson 42; Browning 30


152 Joss Salois (B) over  Abighail Sorrell  (P) (Fall 1:37)

165 Venessa Wheeler (P) over Sadailyah Momberg (B) (Fall 1:35)

185 Pepper Featherston (P) over Beatrice Kipp (B) (Fall 2:20)

235 Double Forfeit

100 Ciri Nice (P) over Maeleigh Gardner (B) (Fall 1:15)

107 Double Forfeit

120 Ariella Mihara (P) over Rain Underbear (B) (Fall 0:40)

126 Sierra Freedenburg (B) over Shyloh Huffine (P) (Fall 0:56)

132 Cely DeBruin (P) over Madison Burns (B) (Fall 4:44)

138 Kendal Gilham (B) over Nizhoni Haynes (P) (Fall 0:33)

152 Extra: Aubriana Momberg (B) over Emma Smith (P) (Fall 0:39)

152 Extra:  Abighail Sorrell (P) over Jasmine Bechel (B) (Fall 0:35)

165 Extra: Venessa Wheeler (P) over Keira Bighorn (B) (Fall 0:36)

120 Extra: Ariella Mihara (P) over Callie Wood (B) (Fall 0:37)

132 Extra: Shyloh Huffine (P) over Madison Burns (B) (Fall 3:21)

Team Score: Polson 30; Browning 30

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