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Concerning irrigators

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On Dec. 6, the Montana Water Court extended the date to make objection to the CSKT water compact. The extension will be to Feb. 9, 2023. The Mission/Jocko Irrigation District will file an objection. It does not appear the Flathead District is going to file an objection. Understand if you do not object, you will never be able to appeal for you Civil and Property rights again, you will never be able to access the Montana Water Court again. There has been no compensation for the loss of property rights as stated in our State and Federal constitution. Remember, due process and equal protection is your right as an American citizen. Help is still offered at, other organizations are helping as well.

On Tuesday night Flathead Irrigation had their yearly meeting, you know that Irrigation fees were raised to $35/acre for 2023. For 2024 fees will be raised to $39/acre. Flathead Irrigation will be purchasing 14 new pickups and six new dump trucks. Several new trucks have already been purchased from 2015 to 2021, note FIP has 32 full time employees, you pay for 51 employees. There is $2,500,000 in reserve accounts. What more disturbing is the Flathead Irrigation Project is going to write a check to the CSKT for over $1,000,000 from old CME funds and wind funds for flathead pumps. Remember these are tax dollars from the project. Call you Irrigation Commissioners for verification of this. The BIA has been sued from ever Indian Tribe in America for misappropriation of funds, appeal to the Federal registrar asap.

One more note, the compact lets the CSKT be involved in the operation of Flathead Irrigation, know that the Tribe tried to get the Project Manager to shut off Irrigation water July 19, 2022, all reservoirs were full, irrigators were finishing first cutting hay, remember all the rain in June. This and many more reasons why you should object. Share this with your neighbors.

Tim Orr 

St. Ignatius

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