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Our present lives as humans on earth are filled with increasing chaos, confusion, and the development of advanced methods of killing each other. This can surely threaten our continuing human existence on planet earth. There is a clear and empowering answer to all this. It involves the ‘power of the mind.’    

We humans have been gifted with minds. Our minds are not a part of our body. Minds transcend the body. The mind involves our thought system. As humans we have choices in what motivates our thinking. Many humans choose negative thoughts and fear. Many humans choose positive thoughts and love.         

It seems that our world needs more public expressions of our spiritually based thought system involving trust, joy, forgiveness, peace, and love. Activating this thought system requires personal choice. This involves dedicated practice of inner listening and following the guidance.      

As I think about our present lives, Jesus comes to mind. In human body and beyond, he is a perfect example of one who chose to practice and demonstrate the power of God’s Love within each of us.


Bob McClellan


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