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Heal the divide

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Tim parked his bike next to me at the Fourth of July parade, sharing the shade. “Great spot,” I remarked. He nodded.

An hour later, after the runners, Paul Revere, George Washington, the floats, fire trucks and horses, I walked up to him. “Sir,” I began, “I want to thank you. You made my day.” This man showed me what true patriotism looks like. He had waved and clapped for each parade entry passing by. Every. Single. One.

“It’s about pride,” he said, smiling. “Pride in Polson. Pride in community. Pride in the kids. And post-Covid, it’s fabulous to all be back together.”

And so it is. Every single one of us, red, white, blue, and every other color in the American palette, is capable of coming together. Healing the divide. Making America whole again.


Nancy Teggeman


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