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Quit party bashing, share future visions instead

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Once again, I am sorry to see our area senator, Greg Hertz, bashing the Democrats in the latest Valley Journal. Always negative Greg. How about something positive for a change? Your visions for the state’s citizens? Better health? Better education? Things that will last. Perhaps the Democrats had a different idea on how to spend the surplus. Long term programs, infrastructure? I got my income tax rebate and will be expecting my property tax rebate. My income is such that these will not make a difference in my life. I plan to donate them in Governor Gianforte’s name to some organizations such as planned parenthood, that could have a much broader impact on the lives and health of Montana citizens over the long term.

Sure people will be glad to get their rebates, however they are not lasting impacts for most people.They are a one-time infusion of cash. Sure, maybe one month’s rent or paying off a credit card, but hardly life changing. There are two sides to most issues and I am tired of Senator Hertz who keeps bashing the other party and patting himself on the back.


Vicky Maclean


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