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Our nation’s media keeps discussing all the political chaos and problems while avoiding discussions on root causes and solutions. We endlessly hear our nation’s and world’s problems but no good solutions.

Our present Republican party is dangerously divided. It is filled with fear. Congressional Republicans are very fearful of Trump and his “base of believers.” This is not about politics. It is about human nature. Within that “base” are some who are willing to attack and kill. They have been enlivened by the Trump way of thinking based upon anger, fear, attack and blaming others for your own problems.

The United States of America has a most-powerful opportunity in the next many months to solve our present political divide and be a leader for peace in our world today. We have political leaders and candidates capable, ready, and willing. We must listen and pay attention to them. We must publicly support then promote them.

Beyond all the physical challenges we have as humans living together in this world, we each have a “spark of the divine” within us. This is our gift from God. Let us be aware, be willing, and be a light of love and peace.

Bob McClellan


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