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Char-Koosta photo caption ‘insulting’

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The Char-Koosta’s recent publication (Oct. 11) featuring me on the paper’s front page as, “It brought back old-school anti-Indian rant,” is extremely insulting, as was the newspaper’s accusation of my repetition to an inoperative microphone.

Contrary to their description of me as an “anti-Indian,” I am overwhelmingly pro-Indian. The multitude of adjudications of divorce decrees, not-guilty and acquitted criminal decrees (many of which were secured without attorney’s fees) together with the innumerable money awards for personal injury claims given to tribal members is adequate evidence of my position toward tribal members.

However, I am extremely against the Flathead Indian Sovereign Nation’s goals and ambitions as described and set forth in the letter I intercepted several years ago. These goals and ambitions were set forth in an official tribal letterhead and duly signed by the then council chairman Joseph Felsman. The goals and ambitions, as set forth in the letter read, in part, as follows: “…This is to advise you that our long-term plan … is going smoothly and quietly … We will control enough land by the year 2010 to demand that Congress purchase the remaining land and return complete control … to the tribes. Those whites which cannot be bought or taxed out will have to be encouraged by other means.”

My interpretation of the above letter, coupled with the inevitable results of the Flathead Reservation Water Compact, will further the implementation of the above set forth plan.

Lloyd Ingraham



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