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Water availability tied to climate change, not management

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April 2nd brought us another letter from another lakeshore owner who feels the government agency that oversees how our lake’s dam has been mismanaged points out the obvious.

Of course someone as self-centered as a governmental agency (federal to boot) is more concerned with adhering to regulations and other needs for the water below the dam.  

If only they would consider how difficult it is to have to get a boat a few yards down to the water from nearby dry land and not be able to enjoy recreational activities in any other manner than maybe using a “public” access point perhaps they would see the real way to manage the water flow.

I too agree that “manufactured public safety concerns” that are “disingenuous at best” should

give way to how best to serve all the needs of those for water below our dam.

In our time living here I have never seen a need for anyone to have to “escape” down their

boat ramp to avoid a fire. I also agree that those that represent those living on the lake’s edges 

are not a small group. Or does that include year-round residents or those whose homes are vacant often during the year, particularly in winter months?

Perhaps it comes down to the other issue; race. The end of a contractual term that granted them the right to control the dam within guidelines was well known and made without prejudice.

Selfish and prejudice attitudes is what put their organization together. Not reality. Water availability is more about nature and climate changes and lives lived along the flow to the Columbia River and then to the sea. All have needs and wants and lives tied to it. All suffer the same with reduced flows, most don’t just attempt to take more than their fair share.

Rich Bell


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