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Attorney General’s ruling insufficient

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I would like to touch on the recent decision handed down by the Montana Attorney General to not pursue the allegations against Lake County Sheriff’s Office. I read about the three allegations and was really curious as to why those issues even went to the Attorney General? Why weren’t the main issues addressed? I didn’t read anywhere about the boating accident where there was a fatality of a deputy’s ex-wife. That was just swept under the same carpet as the “Coyote Club,” I guess. However, I did read where the Attorney General did state since the person of interest allowed officers to search without a warrant that there was no “perjury” crime by officer Reynolds, even though he did, in fact, lie to a judge about his service record. It’s my opinion that either way you shake that dice, a lie is a lie.

To me, the Attorney General’s decision not to even reprimand the Lake County Sheriff’s Office for their behavior is just backing up what everyone in the valley who’s ever dealt with Lake County Sheriff’s Office already knows: they make their own rules up as they go.

I guess since the Attorney General won’t give our valley the justice it deserves, then we the voters will have to mark the other box come election time.

Jonathan Denton

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