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Aquatic center seeks donations for auction

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POLSON — The following items or donations are needed for the upcoming auction and soup dinner on Nov. 10. It is important for us to minimize the cost of putting on the event to ensure all funds raised are put toward construction costs. Please let us know if you can help.

Items needed: disposable soup bowls (any size, any color, made of paper or plastic), sturdy hot drink cups (with or without lids), regular drink cups (any size, any color, paper or plastic), clear plastic cups for serving wine, small paper plates for desserts, napkins, plastic spoons mostly but could also use plastic knives and forks, soup ladles, disposable platters (or ones you don’t need returned) for serving rolls, bread and desserts, 50 pound garbage bags, garbage cans, serving gloves that are NSF rated, coffee pots (large ones for serving hot water and coffee), equipment to keep soup at 140–165 degrees: stock pots, steam table, roaster pans, hot plates, thermometers to check soup temperature, hot cider mix, hot chocolate mix, lemonade mix, a keg of beer, a keg of root beer, ice, coolers and tubs to hold kegs, bottles of wine, desserts (can be homemade or packaged desserts), large pots of soup (must be made in a commercial kitchen or can be cans for back-up soup),  rolls or bread, butter pads.

Call the office at (406) 883-4567 or (406) 871-5991 drop off information.  See you at the auction on Nov. 10.

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