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Teens warned about consequences of poor choices

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On March 5 and 6, Pam Stenzel visited Polson High School, Two Eagle River School, Kicking Horse Job Corp and Mission High School to talk on the “High Cost of Free Love.” Prom season is approaching, and the SKC Center for Prevention and Wellness wanted to provide the Mission Valley community with a powerful message. Stenzel travels the world to reach adolescents about the consequences of sex outside of marriage. Last week, students were provided with the facts about having sex outside of one monogamous relationship (and that doesn’t mean one at a time) and how they will pay. 

“No one has ever had more than one partner and not paid,” Stenzel said.

“There were a lot of students out there making decisions about sex having no idea, none, what the consequence of that choice would be, so that’s what we’re going to talk about today.” 

Stenzel uses humor and a fiery attitude to let students know that it’s their responsibility to make good decisions. 

“You had a good choice; that was before you had sex,” Stenzel told the students. “Now all the choices you (have) are going to carry lifelong consequences. There’s no easy way out of a pregnancy you didn’t plan.” 

Students shared that they were glad that Stenzel was so honest and didn’t sugarcoat anything.

The SKC Center for Prevention and Wellness was able to bring Stenzel back to the area after a four-year hiatus. Each visit has been well-received, with some parents bringing their children from other schools to hear Stenzel speak. The center is very appreciative of the schools that participated in this speaking tour and allowed us to bring Pam Stenzel into their schools. The center works with many youth that are making the decision to have sex before they are ready. 

The center strives, like Stenzel, to help teens make better choices by providing facts and honest information. The world we live in today has a great influence on our lives and the choices we make. The center has an open-door policy for clients and would like to help if they have questions or concerns. The center provides sexual health educational materials for adults and teenagers, STD/HIV testing, Native Women HOPE groups, Women for Wellness, among other services for the Mission Valley community. For more information, call (406) 275-4913. 

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