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Articles with the Tag: Flathead water rights

Drafts of compact, ordinance presented Drafts of compact, ordinance presented

PABLO — Bill Schultz from the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation Water Resources Division narrated a PowerPoint presentation on complete drafts of the reserved water rights compact and ordinance at the Oct. 24 water rights negotiation session. Negotiating team from the Confeder...

Char-Koosta photo caption ‘insulting’

Editor, The Char-Koosta’s recent publication (Oct. 11) featuring me on the paper’s front page as, “It brought back old-school anti-Indian rant,” is extremely insulting, as was the newspaper’s accusation of my repetition to an inoperative microphone. Contrary to their descr...

Why is ‘fishery’ issue contentious?

Editor, Why is it that the prime source of contention in the current Reserved Water Rights Compact negotiation for the Flathead Reservation is what’s known as “in-stream flows” for fisheries? What fisheries?  This wasn’t, isn’t and never will be an aquarium. Neither t...

Water compact negotiations need public input

I hope everyone is enjoying the cooler fall weather and maybe even anticipating some moisture in some form to alleviate the smoke and dry fields. The people assigned to the huge task of creating and negotiating a water compact agreement have been busy. Many miles have been traveled and a multitude of voices ...

Ducheneaux’ argument based in racism

Editor, Franklin Ducheneaux’ article spews so much venomous racial hatred, which one who is supposed to be highly educated should refrain from espousing. There is a difference between the poisonous racial hatred spewed by Mr. Ducheneaux and Mr. Gale’s anger and strongly-worded concern over a p...

It’s time for a ‘do-over’

Editor, The current status of the Reserved Water Rights compact for the Flathead Reservation is about as distorted as an image in the fun zone mirrors at a county fair; we couldn’t be further from the truth.  Media reporting, with wonderfully tainted articles full of half-truths and non-truths,...

State attorney reviews draft documents State attorney reviews draft documents

POLSON — The negotiating teams for the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes, the State of Montana Reserved Water Rights Compact Commission and the United States met on Oct. 1. The teams are working towards presenting a compact to the Montana Legislature in January.  With that date looming an...

Return to basics of water rights

The Sept. 12 Valley Journal contains a Michael Gale letter regarding negotiations on water rights in the Mission Valley. For one who wants to excoriate the Indians on this reservation, Gale should at least try to get his facts straight. If the Journal will permit me, I would like to help him. Let’s go ...

Some left out of negotiations

Editor, Water rights concern everyone. How is it that we, in the 21st century, can’t work it out and share these rights to our mutual benefit? How is it that we find it necessary to lie, cheat and steal – after all these years, decades, centuries? We pretend to act civilized, for the camera I ...

Water rights meetings heat up Water rights meetings heat up

POLSON — With a public meeting on Sept. 4 from 7 to 10:30 p.m. and a negotiating session on Sept. 5 at 9 a.m., water rights were on the front burner at the KwaTuqNuk Resort and Casino last week.  At the evening public meeting, Wade Irion, a professional engineer with DOWL HKM, a regional engine...

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