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Articles with the Tag: Ronan

Toastmasters talk ‘sports’

RONAN — The Aug. 22 Toastmasters meeting at the Ronan Tribal Senior Center was a typical well-run, fast-paced but relaxed and enjoyable gathering.  Speaker Elsie DeMars stated, “A day in which something has not been learned is a day wasted.”  Her life-long curiosity and love...

New teachers share hopes for school year

The first day of school is often accompanied by a mixture of uncontrollable excitement, willingness to learn, make new friends and have fun. By the same token, it’s a day often filled with anxiety at having to face these emotions and scenarios.  And it’s not just students who feel this wa...

Quilt show pieces together fun, community

The Mission Mountain Quilt Show on August 2-4 was a big success. Thank you to the community and fellow quilters for making this a great event for our community. This was the guild’s annual quilt show and runs in conjunction with the Lake County Fair. There were 113 quilts on display made by members and...

Century-old sewage pipe kinks Ronan water improvement project Century-old sewage pipe kinks Ronan water improvement project

RONAN— Ronan’s water improvement project hit a smelly snag Monday during the construction of a new water main.  The snag, according to Ronan’s water improvement project labor compliance manager and grant administrator Roland Godan, was a 100-year old wooden sewage pipe running down ...

Water rights irrigation talks continue Water rights irrigation talks continue

RONAN — More than 150 people attended the Flathead Joint Board of Control’s public meeting on Aug. 20 regarding proposed farm turnout allowances outlined for the Flathead Indian Irrigation Project in the current water rights negotiations between the federal government, the state of Montana and th...

Sprint to Sunrise: 100-mile relay kicks off Ronan cross-country season Sprint to Sunrise: 100-mile relay kicks off Ronan cross-country season

Ronan High School’s cross-country team gears up for the season in an interesting and unique way. While most sports teams prepare for their season through a series of extended workouts and team-building activities, the majority of exercises and events are not more than a few hours long. They take place ...

Kicking Horse awards GEDs, trade certificates Kicking Horse awards GEDs, trade certificates

RONAN — Aug. 24 was the second annual Job Corps National Commencement Day. The Kicking Horse Job Corps Center is one of 125 centers in the country and contributes to the training of more than 43,000 currently enrolled students.  Job Corps serves American youth 16-24, who are “at promise.&...

Local man nourishes plants, hearts Local man nourishes plants, hearts

RONAN— These days, a true volunteer dedicated heart and soul to a worthwhile task is difficult to find. Most volunteer work is performed after work or during free time. It might be fair to say most volunteers perform their good works when their “important” or “necessary” work is...

Community plans harvest celebration

RONAN — The fourth annual Ronan Area Harvest Fest will be held on Saturday, Sept. 15, at the Ronan Visitors Center on Highway 93 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sponsored by the Ronan Area Chamber of Commerce, the event will include a chili cook-off, a busy farmers' market, scarecrow and straw-bale decorating co...

Drive carefully as school starts

RONAN — Well, here we are, at the end of summer and the starting of a new school year. Please drive carefully, as the kids don’t always watch where they are going.  The days are already growing shorter and there is a feeling of fall in the air. I don’t like the cold weather, but a l...

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