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Articles with the Tag: The People's Voice

Election may amend CSKT constitution Election may amend CSKT constitution

PABLO — Members of The People’s Voice, Inc., were out in force on Sept. 27 as their attorney Howard Toole filed papers at Confederated Salish and Kootenai court to begin the process of a secretarial election. The election will decide if Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribal members want to a...

Tribal Council in violation of CSKT constitution

The following is from Article 9 — referendum of the CSKT Constitution and bylaws: “Section 1) Upon a petition of at least one-third of the eligible voters of the Confederated Tribes, or upon the request of a majority of the members of the Tribal Council, any enacted or proposed ordinance ...

People’s Voice perserveres with petitions People’s Voice perserveres with petitions

Snowy, slushy roads and bad weather didn’t stop nearly 1,000 Confederated Salish and Kootenai tribal members from signing the People’s Voice petitions on March 23 and 24.  With no place indoors, Elden White and a friend sat outside in the snow in Pablo. They had a canopy overhead and a ca...

People’s Voice now registered nonprofit

We are proud to announce that the People’s Voice is now a nonprofit organization, The People’s Voice, Inc. Carlita Gonzales has left The People’s Voice on her own volition as of Dec. 6. On Monday, Dec. 17, Sharon Rosenbaum and Elden White met with Tribal Council Chairman Joe Durglo to...

People’s Voice reaches signature goal for petition People’s Voice reaches signature goal for petition

PABLO — The People’s Voice presented a petition signed by 1,400 eligible Confederated Salish and Kootenai tribal members to CSKT Chairman Joe Durglo last week, requesting that the Tribal Council “initiate a referendum vote to decide, once and for all, if the balance of the Nez Perce/Salazar...

People’s Voice pursues referendum

Although the Salazar settlement payout occurred in September and the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes paid out approximately half, the People’s Voice has collected between 1,290 and 1,300 signatures from tribal members on the reservation who believe all the Salazar settlement money should be dis...

Tribal members need to fight for children’s future

Editor, “It’s for the children.” We heard this at the quarterly meeting from Tribal Council members, cultural representatives and tribal language representatives, and even “100-percenters.” But where were you parents? Are you not concerned about your children and their all...

Petition needs more signatures

Update on the 100-percent petition: our numbers are rising but not complete. Tribal members who have petitions, please turn them in as soon as possible. People’s Voice is very busy, so feel free to drop them off at the Main Street Market in Polson. Also remember Main Street Market and Depoe Junction ar...

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