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Articles with the Tag: Upper Seven Law

Wild Montana calls on Governor to stop obstructing Legislature’s power to act on SB 442 veto

News from Constance Van Kley, Upper Seven Law HELENA — In a letter sent on Wednesday, May 10, Wild Montana, a nonprofit organization dedicated to conserving public lands and strengthening Montana communities, called on Governor Greg Gianforte to return Senate Bill 442 (“SB 442”) and hi...

Court orders Governor to release documents to public, rejects “Executive Privilege” bid

News from Constance Van Kley, Upper Seven Law Firm HELENA — A Montana District Court has ordered Governor Greg Gianforte to produce documents he fought for two years to withhold, rejecting the Governor’s theory that he could withhold documents merely because they relate to his position as Go...

Secretary of State appeals rulings that struck down new election laws

News from Alex Sakariassen, Montana Free Press MONTANA — Montana Secretary of State Christi Jacobsen filed an appeal with the state Supreme Court Tuesday challenging the rulings of a district court judge who overturned four election administration laws passed by the 2021 Legislature. The notice...

Disability advocates sue DPHHS for blocking public records release

News from Upper Seven Law HELENA —  Disability Rights Montana filed suit today against Montana’s Department of Health and Human Services (DPHHS) after the agency denied a public records request for materials related to the hiring of Mike Randol as the Medicaid and Health Services Execut...

Challenge filed to state-sanctioned sex, marital status discrimination in insurance ratemaking

News from Upper Seven Law Firm HELENA — Several individuals and organizations filed suit Wednesday to invalidate House Bill 379, a law that allows insurance companies to discriminate on the basis of sex and marital status when setting insurance premium rates for Montanans.   For nearly 40 ...

Secretary of State targets nonprofits that won voting rights lawsuit

News from Upper Seven Law  HELENA — On Thursday, Oct. 27, the Commissioner of Political Practices dismissed three complaints that Secretary of State Christi Jacobsen filed against nonprofit organizations that had recently prevailed in a voting rights lawsuit against her Office. The complaints...

Ruling grants preliminary injunction against voting bills

News from Upper Seven Law HELENA — Following oral argument last month, a court has ruled that the state is prohibited from enforcing several election-related bills enacted last year, including House Bill 506, which restricted newly-18-year-old voters from accessing ballots, House Bill 176, which e...

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