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Articles with the Tag: government

Legislative Notes  Legislative Notes

The separation of powers among the three co-equal branches of government are essential; and I agree that no branch should be able to overreach its bounds. I want to tell you why this overreach is not happening with SB 442. In Montana, our Constitution does not allow the Executive branch to have the final ...

The great tax shift benefits wealthiest The great tax shift benefits wealthiest

The taxes paid by Montana residents and businesses have created and continue to fund an equitable educational system, roads and bridges, and services that keep our communities safe. Unfortunately, over time, responsibility for our tax system has shifted to everyday Montanans, like our teachers, plumbers, and...

Legislative Notes   Legislative Notes

“This is unconstitutional” has become a frequently used phrase intended to subvert the logic and rational understanding of the Montana Constitution. When improperly applied, it perverts the intended checks and balances of our three-branch state government system. If a person, group, or political ...

Legislative Notes  Legislative Notes

The 2023 Legislature ended almost a year ago. However, a couple weeks ago, Judge Mike Menahan issued a decision directing the Montana Secretary of State to conduct a veto override poll on SB 442 to determine if the bill will become law. I will not be supporting the veto poll override. Like many Montanans,...

Governor: Increased support for Montana meat processors needed Governor:  Increased support for Montana meat processors needed

News from the office of Governor Gianforte GREAT FALLS — Governor Greg Gianforte visited Central Avenue Meats on Wednesday, March 20, and highlighted the state’s investments in building a stronger workforce to support the meat processing industry in Montana. “By investing in value-a...

 Governor’s Housing Task Force update

News from the Department of Environment Quality ZOOM — The Successes Study Group will meet on Wednesday, March 27, from noon-2 p.m. and the Challenges Study Group will meet on Thursday, March 28, from noon-2 p.m. Both meetings will be hosted online only (see link below). Final agendas will be post...

Nearly $75M secured to repair critical infrastructure on Highway 93

News from the office of  Senator Tester U.S. SENATE — As a direct result of his bipartisan infrastructure law, U.S. Senator Jon Tester today secured $74,872,287 to reconstruct US 93 from south of Kicking Horse Road to Brooke Lane to provide two-travel lanes, a multimodal path, wildlife fencin...

Following governor’s response, CSKT issue statement regarding PL 280

News from Gwen Lankford, CSKT Executive Communications PABLO — On March 1, 2024, Montana Governor Greg Gianforte provided correspondence to the Lake County Board of Commissioners that the State of Montana plans to retrocede from the termination-era policy known as Public Law 280 (PL 280) on the Fl...

Legislative Notes Legislative Notes

For the last 14 years, I have had the honor of serving as a member of the Montana Legislature. In each session, the Legislature has passed bills which the Governor has vetoed. While many members of the Legislature find vetoes frustrating, a vote to override a veto is an opportunity for the Legislature to ...

Valley Views

HELENA — On Tuesday, March 5, Governor Gianforte was denied his latest attempt to circumvent the Montana Legislature’s authority when the Lewis and Clark District Court upheld a January court order, requiring his veto of Senate Bill 442 to go before the Legislature for a possible veto override vo...

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