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Sportspage results for the week of Sept. 23


Tuesday Moonlighters

High Scratch Game: Kevin McClain 289

High Scratch Series: Kevin McClain 788


Wednesday Mixed


High Scratch Game: Darrol Denny 238

High Scratch Series: Jake Grebetz 643


High Scratch Game: Cris Alter 236

High Scratch Series: Cris Alter 634


Thursday Trio


High Scratch Game: Darrel Rogers 242

High Handicap Game: Darrel Rogers 278

High Scratch Series: Colton Woods 640

High Handicap Series: Darrel Rogers 742


High Scratch Game: Kaye Stam   269

High Handicap Game: Kaye Stam   341

High Scratch Series: Kaye Stam   585

High Handicap Series: Kaye Stam   801


Friday Mixed


High Scratch Game: Pat Dellwo   243

High Seratch Series: Jeremy Seifert   669


High Scratch Game: Jen Seifert   243

High Scratch Series: Jen Seifert   579



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