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Arlee, Charlo

BUTTE — Arlee buckled under Lone Peak in the Western C Divisional Tournament Thursday but came back to sweep Drummond in three sets on Friday. But the Scarlets’ quest for state was silenced when Gardiner beat Arlee in three sets later in the day.

Charlo was also defeated by Gardiner in Thursday’s opener and by Valley Christian Friday morning.

The last point Valley Christian needed to win the match turned into a marathon rally, according to coach Cammie Evenson.

“The way they played those last seconds against Valley is a memory we can all look back on and smile about,” Evenson said. “The girls always play with so much heart; the losses are not because of a lack of effort.” Ennis took first in the divisional tournament with a win over Gardiner. Ennis and Gardiner continue to the state tournament this weekend.


Lone Peak def. Arlee, 25-7, 18-25, 25-12, 25-17.

Kills - Arlee 24 (Carly Hergett 10), Lone Peak 43 (Bella Butler 11).

Blocks - Arlee 5 (Hergett 3), Lone Peak 5 (Solae Swenson 2.5).

Digs - Arlee 79 (Mikayla Reiken 15), Lone Peak 71 (Luisa Locker 34).

Assists - Arlee 24 (Ashley Tanner 12), Lone Peak 33 (Kuka Holder 28).

Aces - Arlee 2, Lone Peak 11 (Holder 4).

Arlee def. Drummond, 25-15, 25-23, 25-19.

Kills - Arlee 31 (Ashley Revis 12), Drummond 20 (Erika Pfendler 9).

Blocks - Arlee 3 (Bryndle Goyins 2), Drummond 1 (Allie Parke).

Digs - Arlee 46 (Eden Morin 16), Drummond 33 (Kristen Piippo 9).

Assists - Arlee 28 (Tomi Brazil 13), Drummond 14 (Piippo 12).

Aces - Arlee 11 (Mikayla Reiken 3), Drummond 8 (Parke 6).

Gardiner def. Arlee, 25-23, 25-10, 25-20.

Kills - Gardiner 28 (Brooke Dreyer 9), Arlee 15 (Bryndle Goyins 5).

Blocks - Gardiner 2, Arlee 7 (Carly Hergett 4).

Digs - Gardiner 67 (Sage Cowley 17), Arlee 55 (Eden Morin 17).

Assists - Gardiner 25 (Sage Cowley 22), Arlee 13 (Tomi Brazil 6).

Aces - Gardiner 8 (Abby Dean 2, Dani Hatfield 2), Arlee 5 (Mikayla Reiken 2).

(Charlo stats not reported.)



Polson News from Polson High School

COLUMBIA FALLS — The Lady Pirates’ volleyball team finished their season in a state-berth match against Corvallis, losing 1-3 Friday night in Columbia Falls at the Western Class A Tournament.

Polson was seeded third in the northwest conference going into the tournament and opened tourney play on Thursday against Dillon, who was seeded second in the southwest. Polson lost in five.

“This post-season match played out nearly the same way from earlier in the season when the Pirates won in a 3-2 match, with the last set score of 17-15,” coach Patricia Luetzen said. “We match up pretty even with Dillon; unfortunately, the last few points in this match didn’t go our way.”

Later that night Polson defeated Frenchtown 3-1 in a loser out match. In the middle of the match, senior middle blocker Lauren Lefthand rolled her ankle and was out for the rest of the match. A combination of sophomore Kyla Blixt playing at the net and sophomore Kaylanna DeJarlais playing the back row helped keep the Pirate team ahead of Frenchtown to seal a match win.

“That match was a great example of our improvement in resiliency,” Luetzen said. “Last time we played Frenchtown we were without senior Haley Fyant, due to a sudden injury the day of our match with them. We lost as a result of our lack of depth at that time. Everyone just stepped it up this time and moved forward.”

On Friday Polson defeated Stevensville 3-1 and earned the opportunity to play Corvallis in a state berth match later that night.

“This win against Stevensville was another example of our growth this season. Both times we played Stevi in the season we lost. We definitely were at our best in post-season play this year,” Luetzen said.

In their final match of the tournament, Polson lost their match 1-3, and Corvallis advanced to the state tournament.

“We knew going into the season that we needed to get some experience in specific areas of our game,” Luetzen said. “Our serving was aggressive and a couple of our hitters — seniors Haley Fyant, Hannah Fryberger and Lauren Lefthand — were solid from the start. By the end of the season we closed all those gaps and had a more balanced offense and defense system.”

Junior Kaelyn Smith became a solid setter and junior Kyler Lundeen ended her season third for digs in the northwest conference, according to Luetzen.

Dillon def. Polson 25-12, 18-25, 25-22, 28-30, 15-8

Kills — Polson 60 (Haley Fyant 33).

Blocks — Polson 2 (no leader).

Digs — Polson 56 (Kyler Lundeen 25).

Assists — Polson 49 (Kaelyn Smith 49).

Aces — Polson 10 (Hannah Fryberger 5).

Polson def. Frenchtown 25-15, 23-25, 29-27, 25-20

Kills — Polson 45 (Haley Fyant 24)

Blocks — Polson 1 (Kaelyn Smith),

Digs — Polson 39 (Kyler Lundeen 21)

Assists — Polson 45 (Kaelyn Smith 36)

Aces — Polson 18 (Hannah Fryberger 8)

Polson def. Stevensville 20-25, 25-19, 25-18, 27-25

Kills— Polson 42 (Haley Fyant 18).

Assists—Polson 25 (Kaelyn Smith 24).

Blocks— Polson 1 (Lauren Lefthand 1).

Digs— Polson 43 (Kyler Lundeen 24).

Aces—Polson 19 (Hannah Fryberger 6).

Corvallis def. Polson 25-20, 25-12, 20-25, 25-23

Kills — Polson 30 (Haley Fyant 17).

Blocks — Polson 5 (Fyant 2 1/2, Lauren Lefthand 2).

Assists — Polson 30 (Kaelyn Smith 26).

Digs — Polson 74 (Kyler Lundeen 33).

Aces — Polson 11 (Smith 5, Fyant 3).


ANACONDA — The Ronan Maidens headed to the Divisional tournament last weekend after battling five games in district play the prior weekend, earning third place in District 6B.

The Maidens started the divisional tourney with a strong first-set 25-21 win against the Eureka Lions on Thursday. The Lady Lions bit back in the second set, and Ronan answered with another win, but Eureka took the match in the fifth set.

“Rhylee Burland’s serving was amazing during our divisional tournament,” coach Charla Lake said.

Alicia and Lee Camel worked hard at the net, Lake said, contributing 24 of the 27 team kills during the Eureka game.

“We have some extremely talented girls on our team and it is amazing what they can do to get the ball back over the net, but it isn’t just enough to get the ball back on the other side. In the end it came down to finishing, and we just lost our focus,” Lake said.

On Friday the Maidens ended their postseason run with a three-set loss to Thompson Falls.

“Our lack of aggressiveness seemed to follow us into the next day,” Lake said.

Although the Maidens started off strong, they were unable to keep the momentum going.

“We were ahead right off the get-go but our inability to execute and finish plays allowed them to pound the ball back at us,” Lake said. Despite the losses, Lake said she’s very proud of the growth of the girls over the season.

“I know that we are a better team than we showed this weekend, but I know that every girl that gave her best … (can’t) look back and question ‘what if.’”

Shaina Snyder “gave a great effort” leading in assists and digs, Lake said, and Lee Camel had 12 kills.

Divisional results

Eureka def. Ronan, 3-2 25-21, 21-25, 27-25, 18-25, 11-15

Kills 27 (Lee Camel 14).

Assists 16 (Shaina Snyder 7).

Blocks 9 (Lee Camel).

Digs 104 (Lee Camel 28, Sadie Wirz 28).

Aces 7 (Rhylee Burland).

Thompson Falls def. Ronan 3-0 25-17, 25-7, 25-10

Kills — 23 (Lee Camel 12).

Blocks — 4 (Lee Camel 2).

Assists — 21 (Shaina Snyder 18.)

Digs — 61 (Shaina Snyder 18).

Aces — 2 (Rhylee Burland 1, Alicia Camel 1)

District 6B results

Ronan def. Mission, 3-0 25-16, 25-15, 25-22

Aces – Ronan 17 (Louetta Conko-Camel 6),

Mission 7 (Sophia Tobert 4).

Kills — Ronan 27 (Lee Camel, 11)

Mission 16 (Addison Arlint 9).

Assists – Ronan 19 (Shaina Snyder 11),

Mission 10 (Sophia Tobert 5, Arianna Rossi 5).

Digs – Ronan 44 (Sadie Wirz 10), Mission 38 (Arianna Rossi 11).

Blocks – Ronan 0, Mission 6 (Arianna Rossi 3).

Florence def. Ronan, 3-0 25-15, 25-6, 25-20

Aces – Ronan 1 (Louette Conko-Camel).

Kills — Ronan 10 (Lee Camel 5).

Blocks — Ronan 1 (Lee Camel).

Assists – Ronan 8 (Shaina Snyder 6).

Digs – Ronan 39 (Sadie Wirz 10).

Ronan def. Loyola, 3-0 25-17, 29-27, 25-18

Aces – Ronan 12 (Alicia Camel 4).

Kills – Ronan 37 (Alicia Camel 14).

Assists – Ronan 30 (Drew Davis, Shaina Snyder, Tania Ulutoa

–number of individual assists not reported).

Blocks – Ronan 2 (Lee Camel 2).

Digs – Ronan 75 (Alicia Camel 14).

Ronan def. Powell County, 3-0 25-23, 25-20, 25-17

Kills 35 (Lee Camel 14).

Blocks 3 (Lee Camel 2).

Assists 32 (Shaina Snyder 16).

Digs 95 (Tania Ulutoa 22).

Aces 12 (Tania Ulutoa 3, Shaina Snyder 3, Lee Camel 3).

Anaconda def. Ronan, 3-2 (Ronan takes third place) 20-25, 24-26, 25-19, 25-8, 15-11

Aces 13 (Shaina Snyder 4, Rhylee Burland 3).

Kills 25 (Lee Camel 10, Alicia Camel 8, Louetta Conko-Camel 5).

Assists 21 (Shaina Snyder 7, Sadie Wirz 6).

Blocks 5 (Lee Camel 3).

Digs 84 (Tania Ulutoa 31). 

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