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Unofficial 2018 Primary Election results tabulated

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POLSON – Voters across Lake County went to the polls Tuesday, June 5, to pick their party nominees for several local, state and federal primaries in preparation for the 2018 General Election in November. The Lake County Election Office will canvas local votes and make them official this week. 

“We had a 43.06 percent turnout, so we were a little above average for Montana. It is very normal for Lake County to be sitting at the average for the state,” said Lake County Election Administrator Katie Harding. 

Lake County Sheriff Don Bell outpolled challenger David Coffman for his post. Bell received 59 percent of the vote according to results posted by the Montana Secretary of State. Bell will retain his position when the next governmental term begins in January because there were no other candidates from other parties competing for the position. Coffman and Bell both ran on the Republican ticket. 

District Court Judge in district 20 was another race on the ballot in Lake County. Two candidates ran against incumbent Deborah “Kim” Christopher. Christopher won with 66 percent of the vote followed by Ashley Morigeau with 21 percent  and Ben Anciaux with 13 percent. Christopher and Morigeau will advance to the general election.

Caroline McDonald (D) will challenge incumbent Gale Decker (R) for Lake County Commissioner in District 3.

In seat races for Montana House of Representatives, Susan T. Evans (D) will oppose Greg Hertz (R) in District 12; Marvin R Weatherwax Jr. (D) will battle Adrien Owen Wagner (R) in District 15; and Eldena N. Bear Don’t Walk (D) will face Joe Read (R) in the District 93 race, while Jennifer Allen (D) will oppose Bob Keenan (R) for the District 5 state senate seat.

For the statewide races, Lake County voted in line with the rest of the state, selecting Republican Matt Rosendale to challenge Democrat Jon Tester for the United States Senate seat, and choosing Democrat Kathleen Williams to take on Republican incumbent United States Representative Greg Gianforte for the state’s lone house seat.


Lake County – Sheriff/Coroner

Don Bell (R) received 2,854 votes, 59%

David Coffman (R) has 1,981 votes, 41%


District Court Judge 

District 20, Dept 2

Deborah “Kim” Christopher holds 4,849 votes, 66%

Ashley D. Morigeau has 1,579, 21%

Ben Anciaux received 946, 13%


Lake County – County Commissioner District 3

Caroline McDonald (D) uncontested received 2,360 votes, 100%

Gale L. Decker (R) uncontested has 4,198 votes, 100%


Lake County – County Clerk and Recorder/Auditor/Public


Paula Holle (D) 

uncontested has 2,319 votes, 100%


Lake County - County Attorney

Steven N. Eschenbacher (R) uncontested has 3,894 votes, 100%


Lake County – County Superintendent of Schools

Carolyn Hall (R) uncontested received 4,093 votes, 100%


Lake County – County Treasurer/Assessor

Robin G. Vert-Rubel (R) uncontested has 4,160 votes, 100%


Rural County Rehabilitation Levy

For 3,518, 68%

Against 1,678, 32%


United States Senator

John Tester (D) uncontested received 2,714 votes, 100%

Matt Rosendale (R) has 1,593, 34%

Albert Olszewski (R) received 1,248, 26%

Troy Downing (R) received 1,065 votes, 23%

Russ Fagg (R) has 815 votes, 17%

Steve Kelly (G) received 31 votes, 72%

Timothy Adams (G) has 12 votes, 28%


United States Representative

Kathleen Williams (D) received 910, 34%

Grant Kier (D) has 828 votes, 31%

John Heenan (D) holds 625, 24%

Lynda Moss (D) received 150, 6%

John Meyer (D) has 81 votes, 3%

Jared Pettinato (D) received 55, 2%

Greg Gianforte (R) uncontested received 4,177, 100%

Doug Campbell (G) uncontested with 37 votes, 100%


Public Service Commissioner District 5

Andy Shirtliff (D) has 1,050 votes, 52%

Tyrel Suzor-Hoy (D) received 519, 26 %

Henry Clay Speich (D) has 455, 22%

Brad Johnson (R) uncontested holds 4,123, 100%


Clerk of the Supreme Court 

Rex Renk (D) uncontested has 2,241, 100%

Bowen Greenwood (R) uncontested holds 3,979, 100%


Supreme Court Justice #4  Full Term

Beth Baker uncontested holds 6,228 votes, 100%


Supreme Court Justice #2 Unexpired Term

Ingrid Gustafson uncontested has 6,111 votes, 100%


State Senator District 5

Jennifer Allen (D) uncontested has 188 votes, 100%

Bob Keenan (R) uncontested holds 413, 100%


State Senator District 8

Susan A. Webber (D) uncontested has 386 votes, 100%


State Representative District 10

Mark Noland (R) uncontested has 392, 100%


State Representative District 12

Susan T. Evans (D) uncontested has 990 votes, 100%

Greg Hertz (R) uncontested received 1,921 votes, 100%


State Representative District 15

Marvin R Weatherwax Jr. (D) uncontested has 380 votes, 100%

Adrien Owen Wagner (R) uncontested holds 5 votes, 100%


State Representative District 93

Eldena N. Bear Don’t Walk (D) has 424 votes, 52%

Steve York (D) holds 397 votes, 48%

Joe Read (R) uncontested has 1,233 votes, 100%


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