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New Medicare Cards still coming

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News from the Area VI Agency on Aging 

About half of the states have received or are in the midst of receiving their new Medicare cards. The mailings to Montana residents have not yet begun.  t’s important to keep your old card secure until the new one arrives.

Remember, no one legitimate will contact you asking for information or money to issue your new Medicare card or hurry it up. Do not give any of your personal information out over the phone unless you have initiated the contact (for example , when you call us for help).

During this transition period your old number can still be used by providers and by people like us, and unfortunately by the crooks as well. Your new number will not contain a social security number so will be more secure, but still needs to be guarded like all personal information.

Please call us with any questions or concerns pertaining to Medicare. If we don’t know the answer we can find out for you. Area VI Aging has four certified Medicare counselors in the Polson office, as well as others in Lake, Lincoln, Mineral and Sanders Counties and the Flathead Reservation. You can reach us by calling 1-800-266-4188.


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