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Lucky Strike bowling results for the week of Oct. 10-16

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High Team Game:Team 7             1155

High Team Series:Team 7             3389

High Game Scratch:Pat Dellwo             259

High Game Handicap:Pat Dellwo              279

High Series Scratch:Tim Jennison            710

High Series Handicap:Alex Moran               770

Tuesday Twister

High Team Game:Lucky Strike Lanes814

High Team Series:Lucky Strike Lanes2349 

High Game Scratch:Sandi Torres        211

High Handicap:  Linda Gerdts         215

High Series Scratch:Sandi Torres         530

High Series Handicap:Linda Gerdts         607


High Team Game:    Rocky Mount. Sign 975

High Team Series:Turpin’s                2780

High Game Scratch:Dan Cowan        257

High Game Handicap:Alex Wilson        284

High Series Scratch:Dan Cowan        685

High Series Handicap:Rocky Reynolds        796

Wednesday Lucky Ladies

High Team Game:All or Nothing        811

High Team Series:Dolls with Balls        2316

High Game Scratch:Johnie Underwood231

Scratch Game Handicap:Pam Wilson        247

High Series Scratch:Johnie Underwood627

High Series Handicap: Jonnell Wieder        695

Lady Strikers

High Team Game:Gutt-er-Done        811

Hgh Team Series:Timberlane Auto2369

High Game Scratch:Ramona Lynch        183

High Game Handicap:Kathy Symington239

High Series Scratch:Jennifer Davis        484

High Series Handicap: Kathy Symington640

Friday Night Mixed 

High Team Game: Pindemic                974

High Team Series: Pindenic                2790


High Game Scratch: A.J. Bigby                258

High Game Handicap:A.J. Bigby                284

High Series Scratch:A.J. Bigby                665

High Series Handicap:A.J. Bigby                743


High Game Scratch:Marie Bigby         236

High Game Handicap:  Marie Bigby         300

High Series Scratch:   Karen Bockemuehl 586

High Series Handicap:      Kim Wieder768


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