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Two business owners collaborate to open medical spa in Polson

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POLSON — On Feb. 10, a new medical spa will have its grand opening in Polson. 

Located inside Bella Vita Salon, the joint companies of Skin Beautiful and Skintegrity406 were established by two women brought together by chance.

Julie Yonker had moved to the area from her home in Scottsdale, Arizona when COVID-19 caused her aesthetic practice to close for a time. She and her husband had already planned to move to Polson upon retirement in a few years, but when they opted to make their early move permanent for their family, Yonker decided to put her years of experience to use for Polson. 

“[It was] a little early, but I think we came at just the right time,” Yonker said. “It’s always felt like home here. The beautiful thing about this community is I feel like the friends we’ve made are family.”

A medical aesthetician and certified laser technician with over 20 years of experience, Yonker was previously a nurse for an OB-GYN, as well as a Doula. Yonker says she has a love for caring for and nurturing women, which led her into the field of medical aesthetics. What she needed was a partner to share the expense of a building with, someone whose services would complement those she offered. 

Yonker made a list of aesthetic businesses in the area to call, looking for someone likeminded with similar experience to make her idea a reality. That was how she ended up on the phone with Becky Clizbe, the very first person she spoke with. 

Clizbe worked in two locations doing medical injections, and as such was rarely available to answer the phone at her workplace. The fact that she was the one to pick up, Yonker says, was an act of fate. 

A Ronan local now living in Arlee, Clizbe obtained her undergraduate nursing degree from the Salish Kootenai College, and a masters from Gonzaga University. A registered nurse for over 15 years, she had been working as a medical injector in Kalispell and Missoula when she received Yonker’s call. 

“I was just working away, and I picked up the phone and Julie was on the other end,” Clizbe remembered. After meeting in February of 2021, the two hit it off and decided “we definitely need to work together.” 

“It was like an instant bonding,” Yonker recalled. 

“We were both very happy where we were, but felt like we were being called to do something together,” Clizbe said. 

Deciding to put their individual talents to combined use, they decided to offer complementing services. Yonker’s Skin Beautiful would offer medical grade skin rejuvenations, including poly red light therapy, chemical and enzyme peels, and collagen boosting treatments, while Clizbe’s Skintegrity406 would offer Botox and fillers, laser hair reductions, vitamin injections, and more. 

After months of searching, the two were able to find a location for their combined medical spa within the Bella Vita Salon in Polson. Bella Vita, an established salon of 15 years, has been a perfect match for their ideal “catch all beauty and health business.”

“We’ve just moved in and got our rooms all cozy and cute,” Yonker laughed. “It’s pretty much a dream come true. It’s fallen together like it was just supposed to happen.”

Yonker and Clizbe plan to offer additional services soon and invite the public to come in and meet them during business hours or by appointment. They can be reached by call or text at 928-566-8596 (Skin Beautiful), or 406-480-6710 (Skintegrity406).

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