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Bulldogs celebrate homecoming 

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ST. IGNATIUS — The Bulldogs battled it out against the Vikings on a cool Friday night on their home turf. The homecoming game didn’t go in the dogs’ favor, 6-30. 

The Bulldogs scored their only touchdown in the second quarter with a 65-yard touchdown. The touchdown pass was thrown by Titan Mansell and caught by Iyezk Umphrey. Umphrey then outran the Vikings and scored. After the touchdown, cheers from the fans echoed through the stands.

After the second quarter, Cecelia Koskela made sure the homecoming crowns made it to the field. Students could be heard asking who the winners were. Koskela replied, “It’s a surprise. You will have to wait and see.” With the crowns in place, homecoming candidates made their way to the field, lining up and waiting to find out who had been chosen. The announcer made some jokes saying, “Is everyone ready or should I just keep it a secret,” which caused some children to yell out in protest.

Izzy Evans and Rhain Gonzalez were finally crowned among smiles and cheers. Evans said she was excited and glad to be the queen. She said, “I love my class and I appreciate all of them and I want to thank everyone who voted for me.” 

Gonzalez said, “I am not super surprised about being chosen as king, but I do want thank everyone.” 

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