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Slices of Life

Roses are often thought of as the epitome of floral perfection. The allure of their blooms is undeniable. They grow on long stems - perfect for vases and display. They are fragrant and come in a variety of colors. Roses can stand on their own, looking glorious as a single bloom in a bud vase. Their brilliance is multiplied in big bouquets. They are a symbol for love and the favorite floral gift to give by the dozens. They even have a whole parade named after them. Certainly all the other flowers must envy the rose for her many, many favorable traits. Perhaps. But I hope not. Because not every flower can be a rose.  There are tulips and marigolds, lilies and peonies, i...

Valley Views

In her bio for Our Children’s Trust, fifth-generation cattle rancher Rikki Held, the lead plaintiff in the constitutional climate change lawsuit Held v. Montana states, “I want to ensure that basic human rights outlined in the Montana Constitution, such as the right to a clean and healthful envir...

Slices of Life

My friend has a beautiful flower growing in the garden in front of her house. It’s a red peony plant. I’ve always loved flowers and peonies are some of my favorites. I’ve had white ones, light pink and even dark pink, but never red. I admired my friend’s red peony. I told her so...

View from the Library

We would like to thank the Greater Polson Community Foundation for awarding our library an Impact Grant to purchase a TV and sound system for our renovated meeting room. We are so grateful to them for the support they have given us over the years. To tie into that grant, we are also excited to share that we ...

Valley Views

One of the most pressing issues facing healthcare today is skyrocketing prescription drug prices. Prescription drug expenditures already account for about one-fifth of all healthcare costs nationally, and that figure is projected to go up in the coming years. It’s a crisis coming to a head with one in ...

Legislative Notes Legislative Notes

Nearly all working-age Montanans, more than half the state’s total population, are getting some welcome news this month: the state is sending them money.  Let’s be clear. The money being sent to over 530,000 Montanans is their own money. Montana collected more income taxes, the primary so...

The Klan in Montana

History may not repeat itself, but it rhymes. Patterns and cycles seem to repeat over time. Almost without exception, perceived threats to the racial, ethnic, or religious majority have triggered populist reactions to change. Ethnic minorities have been persecuted because of race; religious minorities bec...

Valley Views

Fishermen,  River is fishable. Moiese slough, buffalo rapids catching trout and smallies. Great places to fly fish.  Sloans to little Bitterroot River for pike, just before you hit the other side of the little Bitterroot before you there are brown trout. Bass are in just about any rocky areas...

Slices of Life

There are certain truths that are universal, but unspoken. They are numerous - all around us. So numerous they couldn’t fit into one column. (Watch for part two coming soon.) Often, these truths aren’t even recognized. They are so universal - so clear and obvious to us - that we we’ve stopp...

Legislative Notes Legislative Notes

Property tax appraisals are currently arriving in the mail. It’s important to review the valuation and appeal it if you do not agree with the valuation. The appeal instructions are in the letter that was mailed to you. You only have 30 days, so do not wait. If the value of your property increased by...

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