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Appreciate awareness

Editor, Montana’s 1972 constitution guarantees its citizens a right to “a clean and healthful environment in Montana for present and future generations.” The 2023 trial of Held v. State of Montana, a lawsuit brought by 16 Montana youth, attempts to show how the state government’s longstanding energy policies violate this constitutional right by favoring fossil fuel industries with high carbon emissions.  The lawsuit is named for plaintiff Rikki Held, age 22, a fifth-generation Montanan raised on a cattle ranch in the Powder River basin. In testimony, Rikki described the high toll of more powerful storms, flooding, heatwaves, drought, and severe wildfire, i...

FCC deregulation has negative impact

Editor, I strongly oppose the shutdown of landline phone service in Ronan and encourage our local leaders to look out for our vulnerable senior population and stand up to the big telecom companies. My father relies on his landline to communicate. Though cell phones and internet-based phone services hav...

Local businesses need your support

Editor and Ronan community members, As you’ve likely experienced first-hand, there are a lot of changes underway along Highway 93. The Ronan-North construction project is making progress, but many travelers are avoiding that stretch of highway by taking alternate routes. As a result, the businesses ...


Editor, Growing up in a grounded family, I learned a lot about common sense. My mother taught me moderation in all things. One brother taught me that a swinging pendulum always returns to a balanced center. My other brother taught me to love and respect ALL sentient beings and plants. My father taught me ...

Visit church

Editor,  The church of Christ of Lake County is the church Rich Coulson needs to investigate in Ronan. We have no convention, diocese, or conclave we must answer. The Bible alone is what establishes the doctrine we follow. The church of Christ is focused on community outreach with door-knocking campa...

We must do better

Editor, Last week my wife and I attended our grandchild’s kindergarden music program. The kids were so excited to see their families in the audience. The children were ready to  perform for us, it was so cute. You could tell they hung on every cue from the music teacher, striving to do their be...

Respond to Hertz

Editor, After reading this weeks’ ‘A word in Response’ by Sen. Hertz, it is so disrespectfully and blatantly presented it drew my ire. His says the current elected Republican supermajority is proof and evidence of what direction the citizens of Montana want our state to take. He ch...

Live together

Editor, With our present politics, our democratic system of government is in danger. Our Republican party is seriously divided. Trump’s autocratic leadership style and present campaigning has attracted many supporters and divided this political party. The Trump base is a notably large voting bloc. W...

Non-denominational church needed

Editor, I perceive that the areas of Polson, Pablo and Ronan have many churches of various denominations, which serve the needs of many people. I have, for some time, been feeling the need for a non-denominational, community church in this area. If anyone in your readership feels similarly, and feel...

Shut down

Editor, Lake County commissioners have, for a long time, sought, without a resolution, a solution to the expenses incurred, which they say contribute directly to the inability to find a way to improve our jail system. Luckily, we elected a supermajority of State officials who could stop the ‘woke&rs...

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