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Climate change is a great hoax

Editor, As I listen to the Left and Biden scream about climate change, the story about Chicken Little comes to mind. The Left is trying cause panic by claiming the “the sky is falling” when it comes to man-made climate change. Anyone that knows history knows that this is a great hoax. In the year 1,000 Dutch sailors were able to sail north because there was no polar ice. During that warm period there was not much as far as greenhouse gases created by man. The Left wants you think that science proves that man-made climate change is a proven fact. As a farmer I rely on weather forecasts to do my job. The weather forecasts are at best 20% correct. Currently I have six weather...

If supply’s not an issue, why are water restrictions imposed?

Editor, Two years ago when the city was asked to approve the annexation of CSKT ground near the KOA for a new casino, our city manager publicly assured the concerned residents that water supply was not an issue. That year the city imposed restrictions on outdoor watering, however, in response to some mech...

Trump is narcissist who blame shifts

Editor, Our USA is finally waking up to the disaster that faces our nation. This disaster we face is whether we become a dictatorship or remain a democracy. Donald Trump has been “front and center” of this whole problem for a number of years. He, personally, has two negative characteristics...

Excellent healthcare is right in our community

Editor, The care, kindness and professional services we all receive from Providence St. Joseph Medical Center and their Ortho/ Outpatient Rehab center, needs to be acknowledged. From the moment I walked in the door for a tendon injury, to meeting up with Cody and his team, then over to the rehab center...

Vote for candidates who support women’s rights

Editor, “It's the mark of a backward society....when decisions are made for women by men.” (Melinda Gates) March is Women's History Month. There is much to celebrate. I am honoring Jeanette Rankin for her votes for peace; RBG for her dedication to progressive principles; Rosa Parks for her ...

Same story, different year

Editor, Two (2) years ago this letter to the editor of mine was printed in some local papers. “Time flies when you are having fun,” right? Here’s what I wrote: How can the divided Republican party find a “non-Trumpian” to be candidate for president? We know there is a g...

Put America first

Editor, Currently our democracy is lost unless we stand up against the tyranny of the Biden administration and the progressive Left. The dictatorial Left under the Biden administration has removed many of our freedoms and are attacking others. We hear day to day from the Left, how if President Trump wins ...

Is Trump too young?

Editor, Is Biden too old? Try asking this: “Is Trump too young?” Daily, Trump demonstrates that he has not developed the maturity to have impulse control, empathy, concern for the welfare of others, an ability to analyze evidence … and more. He misbehaves much like a selfish five-year-o...

We cannot afford to lose our democracy

Editor, Three considerations: (A) In our nation, black or white, rich or poor, liberal or conservative, male or female, young or old, our experiences have generally formed a trust in our two-party democratic system of government. However, many Republicans are presently baffled and bewildered by current...

Elder distinction shouldn’t be based on income

Editor, I received my letter from DHRD Elder Services Program May 4, 2023. Long awaited with great anticipation almost a feeling of excitement opening up the letter. Finally after working 47 years of my life I will finally be recognized by my Tribe and its Council for all my hard work and dedication to my...

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