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Live together

Editor, With our present politics, our democratic system of government is in danger. Our Republican party is seriously divided. Trump’s autocratic leadership style and present campaigning has attracted many supporters and divided this political party. The Trump base is a notably large voting bloc. Within our present elected Republican elected men and women there is great fear of losing votes if they speak out against Donald Trump. Our democracy is at stake here. Beyond politics, we humans have been acting out in this world with a history of wars, killings, and violence of all sorts. This can and must be changed. As humans, living together in this world, we have many empowerin...

Non-denominational church needed

Editor, I perceive that the areas of Polson, Pablo and Ronan have many churches of various denominations, which serve the needs of many people. I have, for some time, been feeling the need for a non-denominational, community church in this area. If anyone in your readership feels similarly, and feel...

Shut down

Editor, Lake County commissioners have, for a long time, sought, without a resolution, a solution to the expenses incurred, which they say contribute directly to the inability to find a way to improve our jail system. Luckily, we elected a supermajority of State officials who could stop the ‘woke&rs...

Good-bye, thank you to Christian Bumgarner

Editor, Christian Bumgarner, a well-loved fixture in the Mission Valley’s musical community for more than three decades, has retired and moved to Idaho. He has directed six choirs, three of which he founded, and his history with Mission Valley Choral Society dates back to the early 1990s. Christian ...

Don’t go down a slippery slope

Editor, I thought I would be relieved when our legislative session was over. I am relieved that I no longer have to spend hours every day tracking whatever unkind, hateful, controlling bills were in the pipeline and emailing various committees to express my horror and disapproval. For the party of less go...

Raising the debt ceiling isn’t a fix

Editor, The debt ceiling bill, championed and passed thanks in part to Representative Zinke, is a small step towards finding a sustainable and effective trajectory for healthy economic growth. Both Parties have for too long willfully created inflation through the false belief that as long as they have a p...

Thank you

Editor, I would like to take the time to recognize and thank some outstanding citizens and Healthcare workers. Recently I was walking near the intersection of HWY 93 and Main Street when my hip gave out and I subsequently fell to the sidewalk. A very kind lady was stopped at the red light and got out of h...

Reject silence

Editor, Wednesday, April 26 was a sad day for Montana. The Montana House of Representatives voted along party lines barring Representative Zooey Zephyr from the house chamber’s floor, anteroom, and gallery, but she can vote remotely. Which impedes her ability to represent and speak on behalf of her ...

Honor public service

Editor, Please join me in honoring the invaluable contributions of our nation’s public servants. Public servants daily carry out critical work that allows our society to function. We rely on public servants for our daily safety through emergency services and for preventing crime and terrorism....

We have the mindpower

Editor,   We are hearing and reading this prediction over and over again these days: “Our democracy is in peril.”      President Biden knows this and has been attempting to promote many of the policies which form our democracy. But our severely divided Rep...

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