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To address Ellsworth

Editor, Regarding Montana State Senator Jason Ellsworth’s op-ed in the Valley Journal of Feb. 22. First of all, with regards to his statement regarding “Joe Biden’s inflation,” this is ignorant. A lot of things totally outside of the president’s control contribute to inflation. Although Mr. Putin blames the war in Ukraine on the west, it is one of the causes of inflation. Most disasterous world events have an effect on the global economy, sorry, not Biden’s fault. Did you know that the big oil companies made billions in profits this past year? Nobody, much less President Biden, made oil/gas prices go up. Think supply and demand and OPEC. 2022 profits f...


Editor, How many Montana people know that $2+ Million came into Montana Counties to help sway the 2022 election? And how many know that Montana is riddled with voter fraud? Even Montana. And our GOP and DNC are both to blame. They just “yawn” and let it go. And look at the mess this country is...

Nix SB 200

Editor, Canadians approach the appointment of judges differently than Americans do. Consider their Supreme Court. Justices are selected by the Governor General from a short list of qualified candidates assembled with input from provincial law societies. Political affiliation isn’t a consideration. A...

Protect the Jocko Valley

You may have driven through the community of Arlee on your way to Flathead Lake or Glacier National Park. Today the beautiful Jocko Valley is threatened by a proposed asphalt plant on a 157-acre gravel pit. I realize gravel is a necessity in today’s world for highway and irrigation projects. But rig...

End-of life realities

State Senator Carl Glimm has introduced legislation (SB 210) that would inject the government into end-of-life medical decisions. I agree with those who oppose this legislation on the grounds that it would violate a fundamental freedom under Montana law that people, in consultation with their physicians, sho...

Define the right to privacy

No matter what your personal moral opinion about abortion is, SB 154 is not the answer. SB 154 is a direct insult to our right to privacy as protected by our Montana Constitution. It is short and easy to read, stating: Clarifying the right to privacy does not include the right to an abortion. If our le...

Oppose SB210

Editor, I’m amazed at the fact that some members of the GOP Super Majority/Freedom caucus have not taken care of a loved one who is dying. Should they have had this experience, they would not be in support of SB210 which ends the statutory approach to medical aid in dying, set out in the Montana Sup...

Focus on the reasonable

Editor,  Once again, the party of small government has decided it needs more than $2.5 million after this legislative session to defend the bills that are passed that are found to be unconstitutional. They did this in the last session and blew through the $100,000 in their budget to defend their laws...

Consider the debt ceiling

Editor, With a crisis looming over the debt ceiling, you’ll be hearing that Republicans, the party claiming to support fiscal responsibility, are just trying to keep reckless spending in check. Don’t be fooled. There is a process where legitimate debate occurs about what the government funds, ...

Thank you

Editor, On Jan. 20 my husband and I were at our church at Second and Diamond in St. Ignatius and my husband couldn’t start the pickup. A gentleman from Two Rivers Auto Body was there in five minutes and got it started for us and didn’t charge us a fee. Thank you so much from these grateful sen...

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