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No rules found in space

Editor, There are no Mondays in Space. There are also no rules about speed limits, recipes for tomato soup, or suggestions of how to have peace on Earth. The Universe doesn’t care. Humans do this. All of our rules and mores are human-derived inventions. They are born from human dilemmas which trigger intricate and adaptive thinking abilities - (Google the human brain). We have internal awarenesses, thought-models, explanations, solutions, and plans. Add the external abilities of the human opposable thumb. You then have possibilities not only for explosions of diverse thoughts but also for the fantastic manipulation of the environment. Personal and group projects emerge which pro...

Looking into the mailbox

Editor, In political systems as corrupted by cash as ours, identifying the bad guys can be as simple as noting who has the most money. The campaign against I-185, a Medicaid expansion funded by tobacco taxes, is one example. Recently, mailboxes have been flooded with expensive glossy flyers, five since...

Aquatic Center great year-round resource

Editor, As it gets cooler and the lake temperature goes down and Mother Nature is slowly closing the lake, it’s the fall time of year again. Look at the fall leaves floating by the shore and you know it’s time to “make a change.” Get out to the “pools and float” as they...

New WEB program at Polson Middle School inspiring

Editor, Have you heard the loud cry for help from our young people? Growing up is a tremendous challenge these days. Think of the myriad of home-life distractions, physical maturing, and the instant communication devices constantly pouring out stuff. And “change” and all the adjustments to cha...

Guard Second Amendment rights

Editor, Are you ready to turn in your semi-automatic rifles and semi-automatic pistols? Are you ready to destroy your high-capacity magazines? Are you willing to submit to a background check when you want to buy some ammo? Can you afford a 100 percent tax on ammo? Well, Jon Tester, if elected, will ...

Please help Bread Basket secure matching funds

Editor, Greetings from the Ronan Bread Basket, your Ronan-Pablo-Charlo food bank. It is September again and time for the annual “Be a Friend Indeed, Help a Friend in Need” campaign from Montana’s Town Pump Corporation. The Town Pump will match all of our monetary donations from Sep...

Sane citizens need to vote

Editor, For their taxes, Swedes enjoy universal healthcare, free tuition and paid parental leave. For ours, we have civilian body counts in the Middle East and handouts to the wealthy via tax breaks, corporate welfare being a more honest application of Margaret Thatcher’s “other people’s...

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