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Political problem needs to be discussed

Editor,   President Trump seems to be ramping up his base towards a nasty revolution if he is either impeached or loses the next election. It seems prudent that we talk openly about this possibility, given Trump’s rants, language, rallies and behavior. There are many people in our nation who are unhappy with their lives and looking for someone or something to blame and attack. In light of our president’s rhetoric and behavior, our media should be opening up serious and well-expressed discussions about the extreme dangers of ramping up anger within a large group of a nation’s citizens. Other nations have experienced this sort of thing in the past with horrible...

Political action needed

Editor, Identifying and addressing the root cause of our present dangerous political divisiveness is essential in my opinion.  I think the root cause of our national divisiveness is grounded in a rather common yet dangerous human response to problems. In living our lives, there are always problems...

Questioning national spirituality

Editor, I have been reading through the books of the prophets in the Old Testament. I can’t help but ask myself a question. Is our nation today as spiritually bankrupt as Israel was then? Habakkuk 1:4 and 3:2 says “... the law is slacked, and judgment (justice) doth never go forth: for the ...

Thanks PPP for a great show

Editor, Bravo and kudos to the Port Polson Players for presenting an uplifting, timeless play, “The Beggars’ Bounty,” to our community. With the darkest days of the year approaching, this heartfelt musical comedy offered respite and a message filled with light and hope. The talented a...

Resolution supports water compact

Editor, A resolution in support of the CSKT-Montana Water Compact originated in July at the Lake County Conservation District with full support of the members. It then advanced to the Area 5 October meeting. After receiving approval at the area meeting, it advanced to the state-wide meeting in Kalispell. ...

Vote no on tax increases

Editor,  School District 23 voters are being asked to approve over $61 million in school improvements to be repaid over 25 years. This ballot has been delivered to you in the last week or so.  Additionally, Lake County voters will be asked in January 2020 to approve $50 million for county law...

Support Polson School District bond

Editor,  Strong public schools are the cornerstone of a successful community. Whether or not you work for the school or have a child in the district, our entire community is better when the quality of education is improved across the board. Improvements that will be made from the passage of both Pols...

Vote for school bond, improved safety for students

Editor, I have been a member of the Polson community for over 40 years and have been impressed by the positive support shown for our school system.   When I came to Polson as a teacher in 1976, our high school was just two years old, the old high school was our middle school, the Lincoln building ...

Community invited to Thanksgiving dinner

Editor,  The Polson Senior Citizens Center is again hosting the annual Thanksgiving Day Community Dinner on Thursday, Nov. 28. There is no charge for this meal, and those unable to attend may have a meal delivered to them. Advanced notice for delivery must be given by calling 406-883-4735. This fr...

Sharing my retirement

Editor, I’d like to share my retirement. My name is Charleen Crenshaw. I received my final orders for retirement on Sept. 11th. I first entered military service in 1980 as an intelligence analyst, spending my first nine years on active duty in the Army. I transferred to active reserves for two years...

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