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Copy machine blunders FJBC ballots Copy machine blunders FJBC ballots

LAKE COUNTY – Lake County Election Administrator Kathie Newgard addressed issues concerning upcoming elections including a snafu with Flathead Joint Board of Control’s mail-in ballots during a phone interview April 19. She also reminds citizens that an election to fill a Montana congressional seat will be held at the polls. An issue with the May 2 Irrigation District Commissioner Election occurred when the master form for the Flathead District election ballots was loaded into the copy machine and the ballots were printed, according to Newgard. After the Flathead District ballots were done, a second batch of paper was loaded into the printing machine for the Mission District b...

FJBC addresses election issues, fills vacated commissioner seat during meeting FJBC addresses election issues, fills vacated commissioner seat during meeting

ST. IGNATIUS – Dave Vincent was sworn in to serve on the Flathead Joint Board of Control on Tuesday, April 18, during the regular meeting that addressed election issues, water rights adjudication, an employee resignation, and high school scholarships. Commissioner Vincent was chosen by the Flathead ...

Water rates increase, ordinances discussed at Ronan City Council meeting Water rates increase, ordinances discussed at Ronan City Council meeting

RONAN – The City of Ronan is under a state order from the Department of Environmental Quality to develop the town’s water system to meet new regulations, and the project will increase water bills for users by $5.72 each month to help cover the cost of construction if the board makes a final vote ...

Llamas found dead on sheep farm Llamas found dead on sheep farm

ST. IGNATIUS – Two llamas were shot and killed sometime around April 5 at a small sheep farm on Grizzly Hollow Lane at the top of East Post Creek Road.  Things seemed out of place when Kathryn Yelsa came home on Thursday, April 6, around dusk to find a grizzly bear cub in her field. She never s...

Saga over ‘coyote club’ draws to close

POLSON — After six years, multiple court cases, numerous investigations and employee turnover, the saga over the so-called “coyote club” may be coming to an end. The “coyote club” was brought to the limelight in 2010 as a result of an investigation by Frank Bowen, a longtime ...

‘Seeds of peace’ grow into tree for school ‘Seeds of peace’ grow into tree for school

POLSON — Kindergarten and first grade students at Cherry Valley Elementary School saw the fruits of their labor realized last week with the planting of a new tree on school property. John Campbell from Delaney’s Landscape Center in Polson presented facts about the young Autumn Blaze maple tree to...

School powwow honors culture School powwow honors culture

The Mission School District held a powwow open to the community on Friday to honor the school’s annual Cultural Awareness Day. Rose Bear Don’t Walk, the school’s Salish language teacher, said the event brings native and nonnative people together to experience culture. “We bring tho...


RONAN — They say that April showers bring May flowers. Can you imagine the 
beauty in the flowerbeds and lawns in May? Awesome.  If you didn’t make it to the turkey dinner last Thursday evening, you really missed a fantastic meal. Because of the power outage, we had it a week late. Please...


POLSON — Acupuncture is a jab well done. That’s the point of it. Due to a time-out by our bingo personnel, there will be no bingo on April 28. The top scorer at bridge on Tuesday, April 18, was Max Neeley again. Second place went to Roxie Brown. Update on my knee injury: I’m still ...


ARLEE — What a beginning for spring … there’s beautiful sunshine, pouring rain, snow and grapple, rainbows and thunder, daffodils and hyacinths, which should bring the seniors out in full force to enjoy the meals at the Arlee Senior Center on Weissinger Street. Yet, the last few months hav...


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