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Legislative Notes  Legislative Notes

Republican and Democrat caucuses met last week to pick leadership teams for the upcoming legislative session. With the House and Senate being held by Republican super majorities republicans met on the House and Senate floors. Democrats convened in committee rooms.  After weeks of unsuccessfully trying to get a conservative Republican to challenge Sen. Steve Fitzpatrick (R) Great Falls for Senate Majority Leader I threw my hat into the ring with minutes to spare. The job of the Majority Leader is to lead in floor debate, negotiate with the Governor on behalf of the caucus, and herald the accomplishments of the Republican Caucus.  These are not my strong points. I am best know...

Slices of Life

November is typically gratitude month. It’s a time for us to take stock of and count our blessings, being mindful of them and appreciating all that life has bestowed upon us.  We all know we should practice gratitude every day of the year, but heck, like the song says: one out of twelve ain&rsq...

Legislative Notes

As a fifth-generation Montanan, I didn’t choose Montana — Montana chose me. Over 100 years ago, my great-great-grandmother homesteaded 23 miles east of Conrad and that’s how my family made it to the Last Best Place. And I’ll be forever thankful for that. There is a lot that makes A...

Valley Views Valley Views

If we care about our Indigenous communities, we have to start caring about food sovereignty. Our communities’ health is in crisis. According to new research, “Over 50% of Indigenous people worldwide over the age of 35 have type 2 diabetes. Indigenous peoples suffer from poorer health, are more li...

Valley Views

On Nov. 10, the Lake County Board of Commissioners held a public hearing to consider adopting the newly revised Lakeshore Protection Regulations (LPRs). As citizens commented, it became clear that there appeared to be a lack of understanding of the LPRs, its purpose, how it came about and what it meant for l...

Been there, done that

In our polarized and fragmented times, we appear to have less and less in common. Yet, wherever we live, a good number of universal experiences can bring joy to our lives. Take, for example, a good sunset. How magical is the array of vivid colors splayed across the evening sky as the sun makes its daily desc...

Been there, done that

The Alp connection - a very unique relationship between Montana and Switzerland - persists today. Relationships provide meaning and a way to interpret the world around us. Similarities and differences can introduce people to something new. For example, a hot dog and a hamburger have similarities, but also di...

View from the Library

What a wonderful fall we have had. It looks like winter is going to try to settle in, which is the perfect time to curl up with your favorite cozy blanket, a warm cup of something yummy and a good book. Did you know that we add, on average, 100 books to our collection each month? I’m sure we have somet...

Slices of Life

We are a culture often consumed with the material world. We assess value based on our net worth, which is often decreased by net waste. Time spent amassing wealth is valuable; time spent wasting time is just that. And that could very well lead to a squandered life.  I beg to differ. Sometimes the bes...

Valley Views

Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves. The only way they could do this is by not voting.  —Franklin D. Roosevelt Since midterm elections rarely have the pizazz of a presidential contest, a lot of eligible citizens don’t ...

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