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Grilling revisited Grilling revisited

We never mastered the barbecue grill. Oh, we tried, of course – in the early years of our marriage. We charred countless chicken breasts and burned a multitude of steaks. Shrimp on the barbie was never as it was supposed to be. No amount of barbecue sauce could salvage our calamities. Our collective lack of grilling ability was so expansive we even managed to light our patio on fire once. We didn’t want to be quitters and blamed our failures on the charcoal. The embers were unpredictable – like Goldilocks’ porridge either too hot or too cold. We decided the remedy for our barbe-cluelessness was a gas grill. It would give us an even, steady heat. We tossed ou...

Squirrel! Squirrel!

My husband says I am a squirrel. Don’t take it the wrong way. It’s a term of endearment as well as a fairly accurate descriptor (if I am being honest). It’s become a nickname of sorts. It all started at the superstore. About a month ago we stopped to shop for a few things. We entered thr...

‘Food for fines’ program offered at library

Spring has finally arrived. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming and we are gearing up for National Library Week. During National Library Week (April 9-15) we will offer our “Food for Fines” program. If you have a few nagging library fines, this is your chance to clear them up. For each item o...

Retiring, but not really Retiring, but not really

I know, I know, I’ve done this before. I just read my eloquent exit column from 2008, when I was certain that I was retiring. Six months later, I was back. Nine years later, I am retiring — again. Well, maybe not. I’m actually setting aside a 30-year journalism career and moving in...

Build Montana, but not with debt Build Montana, but not with debt

From the beginning of the 2017 session, House Republicans committed to supporting essential infrastructure that would not place an undue burden on Montana taxpayers. The Legislature is currently moving more than $1 billion worth of infrastructure projects directly to Montana communities. You read that rig...

Heirloom petunias fragrant, hearty Heirloom petunias fragrant, hearty

Heirloom petunias fragrant, hearty Petunias are native to South America. Our flashy, modern hybrids are descendants of two species: Petunia axillaris and Petunia integrifolia. (These are the current botanical classifications; both species have been renamed since they were first brought into cultivation.) Pet...

12 minutes 12 minutes

Each day it takes 12 minutes of my time. Five days a week – Monday through Friday. Six minutes in the morning. Six minutes in the afternoon – for a total of an hour each week. A person could complete any number of tasks in six minutes. Sip a cup of coffee or make a piece of peanut butter toast...

Hard, but great Hard, but great

It is hard waiting for them to get here because waiting is never easy. And this bout of waiting is the longest 10 months of your life, even though everyone claims it’s only nine. Once you’ve been there and done the math, you know the truth and the truth is often hard. It is hard when they don&...

Remembering an exceptional human being Remembering an exceptional human being

Paul Fugleberg arrived in Polson as the new editor of the Flathead Courier in 1959. I first met the 29-year-old newspaper man when he came walking around the rail fence that separated the airport parking lot from the airport ramp. I was almost 17 years old at the time and, Paul seemed almost “ancient&r...

Kind newspaper man will be missed Kind newspaper man will be missed

Did you know it was possible to scoot a sled down Eighth Street East, fly across the highway and slide for hundreds of feet across the ice in Polson Bay? That’s one of many important things I learned from Paul Fugleberg. I thought it was a tall tale from his youth, but through the years I’v...

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