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Slices of Life

Before we were married, my husband had a roommate from Africa – Sierra Leone to be exact. And this roommate introduced him to a dish called peanut butter stew. It’s made with an unlikely, but sumptuous culinary trio: chicken, peanut butter and a mix of hot spices called African spice. Stick with me here. I promise not to disappoint. First a little history on African spice: it is a blend used in many African countries, and the spices vary, depending on the country. It typically is a mix of hot spices like red pepper flakes, cayenne pepper and curry. My husband watched his roommate pair the unlikely ingredients with a small sense of wonder and a hearty amount of doubt. But w...

Valley Views

Mission and Jocko districts oppose Daines’ 3019 bill and have sent four letters to him in the last year with no response, with our concerns, asking for a meeting. Our opposition comes from the unconstitutional takings of property rights and the Unitary Management Board that take us out of Montana an...

Ben there, Done that

By now, the chances that you haven’t heard about the COVID-19 virus are nearly zero. This new strain of coronavirus emerged from Wuhan, China, and has now reached many of the countries around the world, including Europe. Being in Switzerland, not far from northern Italy where the virus entered the cont...

Irrigation districts grapple with fee increase

Last week, the Flathead Irrigation District paid $192,250 for their half of the payment for the 2019 Flathead Indian Irrigation Project operation and maintenance costs with a $4.50 increase or $33.50 per acre or $16.50 for half an acre.   The Mission and Jocko Districts paid their half of the fee at ...

Slices of Life

It happened again last week. We had to reset our clocks because of Daylight Saving Time. I’m not sure if we are saving daylight now. Really though – and I’m trying not to sound cynical here – who cares?  We aren’t changing anything except our clocks when we change our cl...

Slices of Life

Most of life isn’t cut and dried – unless you are an herb. The bulk of our days operate on a continuum with each of us finding our own way forward in our own way. There’s lots of room for middle ground. You may give a book or movie three or four out of five stars. You might kind of sort of ...

Slices of Life

We all have a general understanding of the word old. I have an old dining room table. My house is old. No one would dispute either of these facts. They are based on age and time.  But when it comes to people, the line blurs and there are innumerable shades of gray. There are many different ways to be...

Ben there, done that

Have you ever been surfing the internet and seen ads or pop-ups that seem a bit too familiar for things you were just looking at, that know your name, or where you are? Don’t be freaked out, the NSA or the Russians are not spying on you (probably). These ads are just using a fascinating piece of web te...

View from the Library

We kick off March by “Coloring Outside the Lines” during our adult coloring program on Thursday, March 5, from 2-3:30 p.m. Join us as we think a little outside the crayon box and doodle your own mandala then add lots of color. All supplies are provided. Friday, March 6  an animated childr...

Slices of Life

When it comes to parenting, I’ve been around the block a time or two. Heck, I’ve practically worn out the course. My husband and I have even transitioned to the next generation of parenting, which is so great it can be described as “grand.” Our daughter and son-in-law are parents t...

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